Top 10 Google Quick Searches

Top 10 searches you can conduct on Google to answer simple questions on the results page.

You’re probably more than a little familiar with Google’s main web search engine, but did you know that you can use that same search box to answer many every day questions? Here is a list of my ten favorite “quick searchers” I use to answer common questions in seconds. Be sure to check the tenth post for an extra cool trick that will impress your friends:


  1. Weather Update: This search: [weather 55406] (replace with your zip code) displays the current weather and the next four days.


  2. Temperature Conversion: Need to convert that temperature to a different unit? Try this search [21F to C] (again, without brackets) for an immediate answer.
  3. Stock Quote Checker: Searching for a stock symbol brings back a quote like a link to the stock profile on Yahoo Finance (my favorite stock research site).
  4. Definitions: Not sure what a word means? Try this search: [define:technology] Google will give you a series of definitions from reference sites across the web.
  5. Calculations: Forget what two plus two equals? As long as you don’t forget that Google has a calculator, you’ll be fine: [2+2=]

  6. Conversions: There’s no need to panic in the kitchen if Google is nearby. Convert those pints to ounces in a snap: [3 pints to ounces]
  7. Currency Conversions: Heading across the pond? Not sure how far your dollars will go in Europe these days? [1000 usd to euros]
  8. Movie Reviews: Is Black Hawk Down the best movie ever made? One of my colleagues believes it is. Find out what other viewers thought using the movie command: [movie: black hawk down]
  9. Package Tracking: Did you order a ton of holiday gifts online? Are you nervous about whether they’re going to show up on time? If your retailer gave you a tracking number, just type it into Google so you can get on with your day before the USPS, UPS, or Fedex’s site’s would finish loading.
  10. Really cool bonus search: SMS. Did you know that you can do all of the above queries from your cell phone using SMS? Just text your query to [46645] (that’s googl). Google will reply with the answer in less than a minute in most cases. One exception: Google SMS doesn’t do movie reviews, but it will give you current movie times and locations using the following query: [moviename 55406] or [moviename Minneapolis, MN] (replace 55406  or your city/state with your location.)

How does this effect the sites that specialize in providing the information Google answered above? That’s a topic for another post.

What’s your favorite Google quick search?

What ones do you use that weren’t mentioned above? Share your favorites in the comments below.


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  1. It’s not Google, but for mobile search I’ve discovered a free sports score and stat service called Text your team name to 44636 and get back the real-time score. Suh-weet!

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