Cyber Monday One Week Later

A look at Cyber Monday a week after the fact.

A week ago, I wrote a post called, “Does Cyber Monday Exist?” where I said revenue for an online retailer I’m familiar with does, “as much as 2-3 times more revenue per day over the 2-3 weeks following Cyber Monday.” What’s happen?

Here’s a graph of daily online revenue from November 1st through Monday, December 5th:

Monday over Cyber Monday results: 25% increase in online sales. Not 2-3 times Cyber Monday, but significant enough to show that the Monday following Thanksgiving is not the peak of the online holiday shopping season.

What is the biggest concern online holiday shoppers have over the next two weeks? Will my order arrive on time?

Smart retailers find smart ways to address customer concerns. Amazon is one of the best at this. Here is a message currently running on their product pages:

Clicking on the holiday shipping link takes consumers to a table outlining what shipping options are appropriate for each day of the holiday shopping season:

And they reinforce their delivery promise during checkout by displaying the following message:


Amazon has done a great job addressing their customer’s main concern both when customers are considering adding a product to their cart and at checkout.

What concerns do your web site users have when using your site?

  1. Are they afraid you’re going to spam them?
  2. Do you address their shipping concerns?
  3. Do they understand your products?

The more concerns you can identify and address, the higher your conversion rate (percentage of visitors who “convert” to a sale/lead/subscription, etc.) will go.


  • Cyber Monday isn’t the Monday following Thanksgiving.
  • Increase transactions by addressing your customer’s concerns throughout your site’s work flow.

Have you made any changes to your web site that have helped increase transactions? If so, please share an example in the comments field below.

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  1. I noticed that this was written a few years ago. I believe now that Cyber Monday does exist as many retailers online have special sales just for Cyber Monday. In fact, our site at has many Cyber Monday deals that are even better than the deals on Black Friday.

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