Cabela’s Non-Compete Business Practices: Immigrants Beware

I mentioned yesterday that the American Dream is not a fair fight based on quality service, products, and fair pricing. Yesterday it was Caribou Coffee, today, Cabela’s:

Fast Company Now: Real Estate and the Retail Magnet: “Not only does Cabela’s actively seek tax incentives and the like, it often restricts what other businesses can locate near their properties — and even buys adjacent land so they can control its management and development. It’s an interesting read.”

Fast Company references the NY Times article Sporting Goods and Its Own Business Model for further reading.

Is Cabela’s trying to be the biggest, the best, or simply The Only business in their niche? Clearly, The Only is caused by a flaw in the free market if it’s based on anti-competitive practices. That hurts consumers by limiting choice and increasing prices.

Right wingers, where do you stand on this? What playing field provides true based on products and services, leading to a true free market economy?

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