Powerline Blog, David Duke, & Cindy Sheehan

Scott Johnson makes an ass of himself by suggesting Cindy Sheehan and David Duke are one and the same:

Power Line: David Duke explains…: “Where, oh where are Maureen Dowd and the rest of Mother Sheehan’s adoring friends among the mainstream media to cover this illuminating development?”

Scott, a lot of people are against the war. And they have many different reasons for being so. Here are a few:

1. Religious Conservatives who don’t believe war is not a peaceful solution to problems.

2. Fiscal Conservatives who can’t stand watching Bush waste our country’s resources on a war that doesn’t need to be fought.

3. People who don’t like being lied into a war.

4. The Iraqi people:

Last August, the British defense ministry conducted a secret opinion survey in Iraq, whose results have since leaked out. The pollsters found that over three-quarters of the Iraqi public want a timetable for the end of the occupation. Even the Iraqi political parties least hostile to the United States, including those that won the elections last January, want to know precisely when our troops will go.

5. David Duke

6. Cindy Sheehan

7. Me

Suggesting that Maureen Dowd and the main stream media should cover David Duke is simply idiotic. Is Mr. Johnson honestly implying that the opinions of David Duke should be take seriously?

Man, are they grasping at straws at Powerline Blog, or what?

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