Right-Wing Bloggers Fear Blog Comments

Scott Johnsonposts on his blog: “I leave it to others smarter than I to comment appropriately.”

Yet he doesn’t allow comments on his blog. Strange, eh?

Here is a list of top conservative and liberal blogs (based on recommendations by bloglines.com for Conservative and Liberal politicos), and who allows comments:


hughhewitt.com: NO
MichelleMalkin.com: NO (has trackbacks)
PowerlineBlog.com: NO
rightwingnuthouse.com: YES
watchblog.com/republicans/: YES
theweeklystandard.com: NO


DailyKos.com: YES
AMERICAblog.com: YES
talkingpointsmemo.com: NO (yes on TMPCafe.com)
atrios.blogspot.com: YES
amleft.blogspot.com: YES
washingtonmonthly.com: YES

What does this tell us? Are liberal bloggers more open to differing opinions? Are right-wing bloggers so right in their views that there is nothing to discuss? End of story?

In my opinion, if you truly believe in what you’re saying, why would you be afraid to let people easily comment on your thoughts?

Why does Ed Schultz take calls from anyone on his left-wing talk radio show, while Rush Limbaugh screens the crap out of his calls?

Why does George W. Bush have so few press conferences?

Why? Why? Why?

Post your theories below. I don’t have all the answers.

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