A Quick Tip for the Holiday Bargain Shopper

Are you a bargain shopper who takes advantage of the deals offered by retailers on the day after Thanksgiving? This year, consider skipping the dark parking lots. Instead, stay at home and get the same deals online.
Many major retailers are offering the same deals on their web sites, so you can avoid pulling a hammy during the stampede at the store. Stay at home in your pajamas and get the same deals with less hassle.
Here’s one quick example: Walmart.com is promoting a 42-Inch Plasma TV for $997 in their Friday Only Specials circular. Their web site states that this item is available in stores and online, and is in fact “not available in all stores.”
Retailers don’t heavily advertise this bargain hunting loophole because they know you’ll spend more money on average if you physically go to their store. But web savvy bargain hunters know that time is money.
Good luck making the most of your holiday shopping dollars.

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