What is Happening in Falluja?

An Italian Satellite TV channel has done a report on the use of White Phosphorus in Iraq. Based on what I understand, White Phosphorus can be used to light up the sky at night in order to shed light on enemy targets. However, that’s not how the US is using it.

The report clearly shows white phosphorus being dropped indescriminantly on the city of Falluja.

As the report explains, white phosphorus melts flesh. Basically, anything containing water and oxygen disintegrates. This includes blistering lungs if inhaled, leading to suffocation. How is this different from a chemical weapon that causes suffocation? It doesn’t seem to be different at all to me.

The report includes graphic photos of people who’s flesh has been consumed by this horrific chemical, while leaving their clothes intact. It’s obvious that this weapon kills indiscriminately.

Yahoo! Video Search Results for falluja

For more info on what’s really going on in Iraq, try searching Yahoo’s video search engine for Falluja.

Here’s more information about America’s use of chemical weapons from AmericaBlog.

And the Daily Kos has found information in Infantry Magazine admitting to this unconscionable use:
Daily Kos: More proof of WP use

Who’s the commander in chief that’s allowing this to happen? Where’s the accountability, Mr. Rumsfeld, Mr. Bush, and you Mr. Cheney?

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