O’Reilly’s “coward” list. Hilarious.

I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t hear it. This sounds like something coming from the right-wing equivalent of Wayne’s World. Is Bill O’Reilly broadcasting from his parent’s basement? Hell, Wayne & Garth didn’t have to call people cowards to get guests on their show. They managed to get Aerosmith and Madonna to come to their set.

Seriously, are the people on his “cowards” list truly cowards, or are they simply not interested in engaging this hot-head in a debate where he controls the microphone? For example, did George Clooney agree to go on Charlie Rose with Bill O’Reilly so they could have a moderated debate at a neutral studio? Why hasn’t O’Reilly taken Clooney up on that generous offer? Is Clooney’s challenge to O’Reilly the reason Clooney didn’t make O’Reilley’s “coward” list?

O’Reilly’s “coward” list … [Media Matters]: “All right? Even if it is [President] Bush or Cheney or the big shots. You have a moral obligation to do that. If you don’t, you’re a coward. You’re a coward. Because if you’re going to attack somebody, no matter how you do it, then you have to be man or woman enough to stand up and defend the attack. Otherwise, you’re a weasel. You know weasels run out of their little holes, and they run around, and they bite chickens or whatever they’re doing, and they run back in their hole.”

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