…far better than by ‘any other government on the face of the Earth?

Is Dick Cheney REALLY trying to say that our treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo (no charges, no rights to lawyers, held indefinitely while being subjected to physical and psychological torture), is better – no not just better, but FAR better – than how prisoners are treated in Sweden? Switzerland? Iceland? Canada? Australia? The British West Indies?

That’s 100% frozen concentrated evil.

Amid Concerns, Cheney Defends Guantanamo – New York Times: “Responding to calls by some Democrat and Republican lawmakers to shut down the American military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Vice President Dick Cheney today strongly defended the treatment and detention of prisoners there, saying that the detainees have been treated far better than by ‘any other government on the face of the Earth.'”

3 thoughts on “…far better than by ‘any other government on the face of the Earth?”

  1. How can you disconnect yourself from reality so easily? To split hairs by using examples of countries such as Iceland is a great way of trying to distract people from the point of the message. It is always amusing to see how liberals will do or say anything to try to make themselves sound clever while hiding from the truth. Sweden and the West Indies are totally irrelavant to this conversation. How about asking someone like China how they would handle terrorists? Since they are emerging as the new superpower in the world, and we are being reduced to mediocrity, I would think the opinion of the Chinese would certainly matter more than Switzerland. We haven’t seen many terrorist attacks from the Muslim world on the Buddhist world yet…..how would China deal with terrorists or terrorist suspects?

  2. I wrote this post just over 4 years ago. Looks like history has been less kind to Dick Cheney than it has been to my perspective on Cheney’s behavior at the time. Although I wouldn’t expect you to agree with that.

    It’s interesting to hear you suggesting that the United States of America should be more like China. Personally, I think America should have greater respect for human rights than China or Dick Cheney.

  3. I didn’t say we should be more like China, I suggested that you used poor examples in your argument because they are not relevant to the discussion.

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