Coddling Cars – Hurting the City

Jackie Archbold does a great job breaking down the side-effects of coddling to people in the exurbs at the expense of the inner city in her May 22nd letter to the Editor.

A huge step backward

We have added yet another item to our ‘What Were They Thinking?’ list of Minnesota transportation issues: Drivers may not use the new toll lane on Interstate Hwy. 394 during nonrush hours.

So we’ve gone from an interstate system to a two-lane highway. This means longer drive times for those opposed to the sane lane being used as Lexus lanes, those unable to afford a transponder and those from out of town. It also means more emissions from congestion that had been eased by using the left lane at nonrush-hour times.

Add this to our list of other WWTT moments: hybrids not allowed to use the toll road without paying and the cutting of public transit routes.

We have taken a huge step backward. Aren’t people in charge even a bit embarrassed? I do applaud the few legislators who are trying to pass the hybrid measure (Rep. Frank Hornstein and Sen. Scott Dibble) and Sens. Gen Olson and Ann Rest for sponsoring a measure to reopen segments of I-394 to all traffic during off-peak hours. I only hope the rest will be embarrassed into following suit.

Jackie Archbold, Plymouth.”

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