Open letter to Dr. Dre about his Posters Polluting My City

I’m a huge fan of Dre’s work and the work of some of the people Dre has helped get started in the music industry, BUT I’m NOT a fan of the Dre Day posters that end up pasted all over my neighborhood when Dre comes to town.

If Dre wants to use posters as a marketing tool, fine, but make sure they come down after the event. If not, they end up being nothing but graffiti. This is especially so when they end up pasted to private businesses or public property like they were recently in Minneapolis.

Show a little more respect for the towns you visit by cleaning up after yourself.


Related: It looks like a local company, Burlesque Design, may be responsible for polluting their own city with posters. As they slyly put it: “In the weeks before this year’s Dre Day, suddenly, Dr. Dre was popping up all over the Twin Cities! Who knows how he got there, but everywhere you went, if you looked hard enough, you’d see the venerable Dr. Dre peering back at you.”

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