Yahoo! News – Rumsfeld Questions Venezuela on Rifles

Apparently, it’s only okay to have a well-regulated militia if you’re the United States of America. And it’s especially troubling for countries with large supplies of oil to be able to defend themselves.

Yahoo! News – Rumsfeld Questions Venezuela on Rifles: “‘I can’t understand why Venezuela needs 100,000 AK-47s. I personally hope it doesn’t happen. I can’t imagine if it did happen it would be good for the hemisphere,’ the defense secretary said.

Rumsfeld appeared with Brazil’s vice president and defense minister, Jose Alencar, who declined to offer similar criticism of Chavez. Alencar would only say that Brazil respects the right of self-determination of other countries.

Venezuela says its military has about 100,000 troops, plus 30,000 reservists. The United States is concerned that the weapons are intended for domestic militias or foreign guerillas.”

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