Do you live near a coal burning power plant?

Mercury is HEAVY, thus settles immedately downwind of coal plants. Does this make the Bush administration’s industry-backed plan to use ‘Cap-And-Trade’ ignorant or evil?

Today show report on controversial mercury rule … [Media Matters for America]: “The Boston Globe also noted that the rules have been criticized for allowing ‘hot spots,’ or high regional levels of mercury pollution. The EPA plans to employ a ‘cap-and-trade’ scheme for mercury similar those that have been implemented to regulate other pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide. But unlike those pollutants, mercury is too heavy to disperse into the atmosphere, and high concentrations can endanger humans in the particular areas where they build up.”

It turns out that some non-Bush Texans have found a Link between Mercury Levels and Autism. It kind of makes me wonder why we’re going to take decades to clean up what the EPA has told us can be done today.

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