The Big Trunk Confusing Voter Suppression with Voter Registration Fraud

The Big Trunk needs an education on the difference between voter fraud an voter suppression.

The seven step program below should help The Big Trunk understand the difference.

1. If fraudulent voter registrations are submitted under the names of cartoon characters, how many cartoon characters are likely to show up to vote?

2. Based on #1, what effect does fraudulent voter registration like the one described in the linked to article have on an election?

3. If people are kept from registering to vote based on ridiculous paper stock weight requirements, does that effect the number of elibible voters?

4. If a person isn’t registered to vote, how many votes will they be able to cast on election day in Ohio?

5. Based on #4, what effect does voter suppression have on an election?

6. Now, compare #2 to #5.

7. See the difference?

Additionally, The Big Trunk has to ignore the well reported problems with voting in order to make his case.

Race-based voter suppression — exposed!

The humorless and now contemptible Al Franken peddles one of the stupid Democratic lies concerning the last election in his column today (linked below) when he refers to “the [Republican] race-based voter suppression of yesteryear — by which I mean last year…”

The real news of the last election is the vote fraud and election misconduct that continues to come to light among Franken’s Democratic allies. These stories not only demonstrate that Franken has the story upside down, but also explain why the race-card comes in so handy for Franken and his ilk. Today’s Toledo Blade, for example, reports a story out of Defiance, Ohio: “Man pleads guilty to filing bogus voter registrations.” The Blade reports:

Two months after pleading not guilty to faking voter registration forms in exchange for crack cocaine, a Defiance man has pleaded guilty to 10 counts of false registration.

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