James Pitzner Forgot how the Iraq War Was Sold to the American People

James Pitzner seems to be working HARD to justify the deaths of thousands and thousands of people in a war that did not need to be fought. The reasons listed below could apply to any number of countries including the Bush family’s good friends in Saudi Arabia.

George W and H W Bush’s good friends is Saudi Arabia harbor Al-Qaida terrorists, support international terrorism, and brutally repress their citizens, yet we consider them friends. Because of this, James Pitzner can’t possibly use those reasons to justify the death of over 1000 American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilian lives.

We don’t start wars to avenge 10 year old assasination attempts. Based on that justification for invasion, does James Pitzner believe sacrificing the lives of over 1000 of our troops and killing tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens was justified?

Maybe James M Pitzner should reflect further on Sen. Barbara Boxer’s comments about how we managed to remove Slobodan Milosevic from power without losing a single American life.

Maturity and diplomacy (both sorely lacking from the Bush Administration) can bring change and saves lives.

What James Pitzner attempts to dilute is the stark reality that the justification of the war falls solely on the WMD issue, since that’s the only one that approaches an imminent threat that might justify the use of force. However, as we’ve learned, that was a justification built on a stack of lies sold to the American people by Condi Rice.

“Beyond Boxer and WMD

I was embarrassed to watch Sen. Barbara Boxer in the hearings for Condoleezza Rice. Not only did she appear as a petulant, bloviating, spiteful partisan, but her command of the facts was extremely lacking. This was evident when she stated that the congressional vote for war was based solely on evidence of WMD.

She did this in order to portray Rice as a liar. Either Boxer doesn’t understand exactly what she voted on or she is, in fact, the liar. The resolution actually cited at least seven reasons, separate and distinct from weapons of mass destruction:

• Iraq’s harboring of Al-Qaida terrorists.

• Iraq’s support for international terrorism.

• Iraq’s “brutal repression” of its citizens.

• Iraq’s failure to repatriate or give information on non-Iraqi citizens detained and captured during Gulf War I, including an American serviceman.

• Failing to properly return property wrongfully seized during the Kuwait invasion.

• The attempted assassination of former President Bush in 1993.

• America’s national security interests in restoring peace and stability to the Persian Gulf.

James M. Pitzner, Maple Grove.”

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