Hateful, Negative Politics?

RNC Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman sent an email from the BushCheney04@GeorgeWBush.com email address today with the following message:

“On Thursday night in New York City, the liberal left of Hollywood and the Kerry campaign got together for a star-studded hate fest the New York Times described as an “unsparing skewering of the Bush administration” that featured “actors and comedians denouncing the president as a liar, making off-color jokes about his name, and accusing him of risking soldiers’ lives for political gain.”

Kerry said “every single performer” had “conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country.”

We disagree, and we’re pretty sure you do too.

Sorry, Ken, but it sounds like the comedians were doing something George W. Bush and Dick Cheney has been having a hard time doing. They were telling the truth.

The hypocrisy of the Republican National Committee to accuse the Kerry campaign of being hateful and negative only days after the RNC launched a negative ad within an hour of Kerry naming Edwards as his running mate is off the charts.

How many dishonest George Bush supporters named Ken are there?

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