Another example of the Bush Administrations lack of Patriotism

An administration that gives $10 billion contracts to draft dodging deserters of this country is an administration who’s lost the respect of tax paying Americans. On top of that, the contract is a wasteful investment in Big Brother technology, so the opportunity cost of this is enormous.

Yahoo! News – America’s Digital Welcome Mat: “Rep. Richard E. Neal (D-Mass.) called the award ‘outrageous,’ according to The New York Times. ‘The Bush administration has awarded the largest homeland security contract in history to a company that has given up its U.S. citizenship and moved to Bermuda. The inconsistency is breathtaking,’ ”

Sadly, Accenture [formerly Anderson Consulting] runs the Internal Revenue Service website, which goes to show how bold this company is with its tax dodging. It reminds me of the practices at their past partners at Anderson.

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