Another Misinformed American

Mr. Jore appears to be working under the false assumption (likely FOX viewer) that everyone being abused in an Iraqi jail is there for a good reason. Not that that in any way justifies the behavior of the troops, but even using this as an attempt to rationalize their behavior doesn’t hold water in light of the Red Cross report cited below.

They’re the enemy: “While it is wrong for POWs to be treated inconsistently with regard to the Geneva Convention, I also believe that this situation has been blown out of proportion. Let’s not forget that these people are our enemies. They’ve either killed or tried to kill our fellow Americans on the battlefield.

This is not representative of the way more than 100,000 troops have conducted themselves.

Jim Jore, Courtland, Minn.”

Most `Arrested by Mistake’: “Coalition military intelligence officials estimated that 70% to 90% of prisoners detained in Iraq since the war began last year ‘had been arrested by mistake,’ according to a confidential Red Cross report given to the Bush administration earlier this year.”

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