Killing us Softly with Coal – Wake Up MN

Apparently Gimpy prefers his air . . . clean. Here’s his take on coal burning in Minnesota:

It seems to me there is a BIG push almost exclusively in political circles (and outside of public forums) for coal-fueled power plants IN Minnesota. They are supposed to be higher-tech, cleaner-burning, yada yada, except they are not solving the emissions problem, only the visible emissions problem (meaning the greenhouse gases, those ozone and human killing emissions remain and being less visible means we don’t see the problem until it kills us).

Okay, so that is what comes out the ass-end of coal power…now here is a report that shows us the vomit that comes out the other end–

So, in addition to continuing existing strip mining, and opening mining in more and more pristine nature areas, now there is just a simple mega-cocktail the coal mining companies have been mixing up for decades and putting into flimsy martini glass thin containers, pocketing years and years of income and waiting for the spill to put them out of business whereupon they will declare bankruptcy, take their investment portfolio and walk away to let the US people clean up their greedy mess.

When will we learn–

1) wind and sun renewable energy, and

2) to simply turn off the energy gluttony.

Do we need another commercial showing our cute young kids spooning up toxic coal slurry first, or can we just do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

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