Reacting to George Bush’s 527 Bashing

Don’t forget to express your opinions on the GOP’s attempts to limit free speech in this country. Here’s an example letter for you to use:

Dear FEC Commissioners,

I am very concerned about the Republican Party’s attempt to limit free speech in this country by fighting against 527 groups. Why is parity is campaign funding so scary for people on the Right?

To suggest that 527 programs are illegal is laughable. The groups running these programs know what they’re doing, and know the consequences of breaking the law.

Limiting free speech is never in the best interest of the American electorate. People have a right to spend their own money to broadcast their message.

It’s clearly better to have money donated to organizations like 527 programs than directly to campaigns because it prevents the quid pro quo ethical issues that have been running rampant in the current administration. was nice enough to provide us with a form to use:

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