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Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2004 9:23 AM
Subject: Global Outsourcing

I would call this my rant of the month, but it just
seems to logical to label as such…what do you think?

The call for global outsourcing continues with a new
article each day giving us the reasons why we should
not be concerned about jobs going overseas.

Well, I am writing to say I agree, and I have an
outsourcing proposal guaranteed to make USA businesses
more competitive in both the short and long run. It
is quite simple and logical and I cannot understand
why the GOP has not pushed for it before now.

Compensation for executives has been in the sky for
decades now and while the token efforts to reign it in
under the SEC related issues the past couple years
have caused boards of directors to become even more
creative in reducing the reported sources of executive
pay. However it is time to sharpen the cost cutting
sword and sweep aside those overpriced executives by
outsourcing those jobs overseas. For years, other
countries CEOs have proven to be much more efficient
in executive compensation packages and it is a good
time to outsource to these countries.

I am positive qualified executives can be found
overseas. In fact, given the ever-increasing global
economy and the USA’s inability to learn foreign
languages or respect foreign cultures, these foreign
executives would easily be more qualified in addition
to being less expensive!

CEOs, CIOs, entire Boards of Directors would make
great targets for this next cost saving example of the
global efficiencies available. Why, entire
headquarter buildings could be built overseas too to
take advantage of lower construction costs and reduce
all that costly travel to board meetings.

Job training in the available job growth areas of
coffee barista, auto sales, and banquet serving could
be made available to those executives still able to
handle a day’s work.

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