Debating the Debate on the War

Here’s how this will play out: Democrats will start pounding on the Bush administration about trying to hide the true cost of fighting Haliburton’s war. Then the GOP, starting with RNC chair Ed Gillespie going on Fox News Sunday will start returning fire with statements like, “How dare the democratic party question the Bush administration’s support for our military?” Tony Snow will fail to offer anything even loosely resembling a legitimate follow-up question.

The White House will then quietly respond to this issue with the next two weeks stating that they’ll look into it. This will allow them to say they’re doing something about it without actually doing anything about it.

U.S. Military May Run Out Of Money: ”
U.S. Military May Run Out Of Money
United Press International
February 11, 2004

WASHINGTON – The military will have no money to pay for the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for three months beginning Oct. 1 because the White House is declining to ask Congress for funding until December or January, well after the presidential election. “

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