Back-Dating Torture Justifications

Is there anything scarier than hearing the Attorney General of the United States looking for justifications for government action after the fact? Does he apply the same rules to police? Can they arrest anyone at any time without prior justification, then trump up a justification for the arrest after the fact? Hmmm, that sounds a lot like what’s happening in Guantanamo Bay at Camp X-Ray right now where hundreds of people are being held without being charged with a crime.

I’d prefer to see this country in the hands of an Attorney General intersted in upholding the constitution rather than trying to dismantle it through the Patriot Act (which thankfully is now starting to be ruled as unconstitutional).

Yahoo! News – Ashcroft: War Justified Even Without WMD:
VIENNA, Austria – Even if weapons of mass destruction are never found in Iraq (news – web sites), the U.S.-led war was justified because it eliminated the threat that Saddam Hussein (news – web sites) might again resort to “evil chemistry and evil biology,” Attorney General John Ashcroft (news – web sites) said Monday.

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