Zell Miller’s Defense of George W Bush

It’s great to hear that Zell Miller has finally come out of his Republican closet.

I find Zell’s description of GWB’s personality acceptable. He seems like a nice guy to have as a neighbor, but he’s dangerous when the US economy or American soldier’s lives are at stake.

“This is a president who understands the price of freedom. He understands that leaders throughout history often have had to choose between good and evil, tyranny and freedom. ”

Yet he has made a priority of fighting a war to secure oil fields for his Vice President’s former company rather than find the guy who attacked us on our own soil: Osama bin Laden. This president does not understand the price of freedom. He had a chance to learn about that in Vietnam but his dad managed to get him into the Texas Air National Guard, from which he then went AWOL. He lied about being willing to serve overseas duty at that time. In fact, George still owes the Texas Air National Guard a year of service. I wonder if he’d get shipped to Iraq if he was serving that year now? Probably not, since his flying skills were poor.

“And the choice they make can reverberate for generations to come.”

It will take generations to reverse the diplomatic damage done by GWB. The environmental damages are possibly an even bigger issue. And we will certainly be paying for Bush’s wasteful spending, tax cuts, and unnecessary wars for generations to come.

“This is a president who has some Churchill in him and who does not flinch when the going gets tough. This is a president who can make a decision and does not suffer from “paralysis analysis.””

I’d rather have a president who pauses, then makes the RIGHT decisions. Or takes the time to build “strong”coalitions”/strong”. It’s hard for a guy who doesn’t like reading security briefings to suffer from “paralysis analysis.”

“This is a president who can look America in the eye and say on Iraq, “We’re not leaving.” And you know he means it.”

That’s a lot easier to say when your children aren’t being shot at.

“This is also a president who understands that tax cuts are not just something that all taxpayers deserve, but also the best way to curb government spending. It is the best kind of tax reform. If the money never reaches the table, Congress can’t gobble it up.”

Tax cuts without naming the programs that will have to be cut and by how much is cowardice. Running up the hugest deficit this country has ever seen is idiotic. Giving tax cuts to the riches 1% of Americans in a time of war is pure cronyism.

“Some want to raise our taxes a trillion, while the others want to raise our taxes by several hundred billion.”

That’s called, “making economic sense.”

“They also, to varying degrees, want us to quit and get out of Iraq. They don’t want us to stay the course in this fight between tyranny and freedom.”

They don’t want to see more American lives lost to Oil. Think about how much less oil dependent the US would be if we’d invested the over $100,000,000,000 we’ve spent in Iraq into clean fuel sources?

“This is our best chance to change the course of history in the Middle East.”

Our best chance to change the course of history in the Middle East would have been for GWB to continue Clinton’s peace work in Israel. George decided to ignore Israel for the first two years of his presidency, and now the area has receded back to violence.

“I find it hard to believe, but these naive nine have managed to combine the worst feature of the McGovern campaign — the president is a liar and we must have peace at any cost — with the worst feature of the Mondale campaign — watch your wallet, we’re going to raise your taxes. George McGovern carried one state in 1972. Walter Mondale carried one state in 1984. Not exactly role models when it comes to how to get elected or, for that matter, how to run a country.”

It’s sad to hear Zell describe being honest, “naive.” He certainly doesn’t rebut the fact that GWB has and continues to lie to the American people. And he has done nothing to describe how we can reduce our deficit while continuing to fight wars without sufficient revenues.

“For I believe the next five years will determine the kind of world my four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren will live in.”

Zell apparently wants his four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren to live in a violent world where might is always right. Where the air and water is less clean that it is today. Where less people are working than today, leading to higher levels of crime. Where car fuel efficiently is even worse than it is today. Where corporations decide which countries we’re going to attack without a preeminent threat.

Have fun in the Republican party, Zell. You won’t be missed.

Tim, thanks for sending over the article.

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