Tom Barnard’s Bush Basher Bashing

I was listening to KQ92 in Minneapolis this morning when Tom Barnard went on a rant about how stupid people are who hate George W Bush. To prove his point, he told a story about two women he met at a party who despise GWB. He claimed that they couldn’t articulate why they hated GWB, but they just did.

Could it be that they possess a ‘woman’s intuition’ and know better than to trust the current President? Considering that the guy is destroying the air we breath, using air strikes to kill one ‘important target’ along with handfuls of innocents with dark skin every day, and bankrupting the country by running two wars at the same time, that he rewards his cronies with tax cuts and deregulates their business’ industries, they just may be on to something.

He then went on to say that Dean’s in trouble and says, “has anyone taken a look at the stock market lately” to justify how great the economy is under Bush II. That, of course, is just a piece of ignorant misinformation Tom probably regurgitated from FOX News. In reality, the market is down 19% on GWB’s watch. More importantly to Tom Barnard’s average listener, the number of people unemployed is MUCH higher than it was when he entered office, and his policies are doing nothing to turn that around.

Mr. Barnard then started trying to rip on Governor Dean, but when asked by a sidekick what state Gov. Dean was from, he has to admit he didn’t know. That’s pretty sad considering basically every article mentioning Gov. Dean includes the term, “from Vermont.”

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