How Many Boomers Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?


The Boomer goes to YouTube and searches for “how to change a lightbulb”:

They click on a result for a DIY video. While watching the video, they see this related video:

After watching a pre-roll ad, they learn this nugget 11 seconds into the video:

Having satisfied their curiosity about millennials and lightbulbs, they see a video from a young man offering more information about what’s wrong with millennials:

After consuming 4 minutes of content on what’s wrong with kids these days (explained by a kid these days), YouTube auto-plays a nearly 2-hour video called, “Ben Shapiro: Toughen Up Spoiled Children”.

At some point during those two hours, they notice a compelling video about illegal immigration:

After consuming some content from an ex-felon right-wing propagandist, it was time for something lighter, like a video with Jay Leno making people feel smart by cherry picking geographically challenged Americans.

After two-plus hours of consuming right-wing propaganda, they remain in the dark.

The majority of the right-wing propaganda videos that were suggested by YouTube and clicked on by the Boomer were paid for by a handful of conservative billionaires who benefit from intergenerational fights rather than watching Americans come together to realize that their common interest is to not be screwed over by billionaires who are trying to destroy our air, water, public education and healthcare systems.

The lesson: Keep your parents off YouTube.

Croatia’s Macaca Incident

Croatia’s presidential election has spilled onto YouTube with video slip-ups from candidates influencing the race:

YouTube and Croatia

It appears America isn’t the only country in which YouTube is playing a prominent role on the political stage.

Recent videos have shown slips by leading Croatian politicians. Interior Minister Ivica Kirin of the ruling HDZ party called YouTube “Yubito,” which quickly appeared on T-shirts and had the nation in laughs.

It sounds like Milanovic has stolen a line from Alberto Gonzales:

Zoran Milanovic, leader of the opposing Social Democrat Party, got his share of abuse after answering several questions on a popular talk show with a simple “I have no idea.” Video clips coining him Zoran ‘No Idea” Milanovic appeared on YouTube the next day.

One of our servers in Dubrovnik ripped on “stupid Americans” who say stuff to her like, “Do you have computers?” Well, duh, haven’t you seen the cyber cafes on every block? It turns out Croatians used computers just like we do: to make fun of each other.

The Real John McCain

Just about any politician could be made to look like a fool in under three minutes on YouTube with a proper agenda. However, John McCain is uniquely qualified for this honor due to the hypocrisy of the statements he’s made in an attempt to pander to conservative groups in preparation for his presidential run.

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John Edwards is Running for President

Here’s his announcement video on YouTube:

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It looks like Minnesota’s own Chuck Olson from MNStories along with Andrew Baron from Rocketboom have a role in the online video side of Edwards’ campaign. Good luck to Chuck and Andrew taking online video to new levels of importance in the 2008 race. This Flickr photo of Chuck’s desktop is pretty awesome.

Posting YouTube Videos to WordPress Blogs

It turns out that it’s not all that easy to post YouTube videos to WordPress blogs by default. Basically, the editor screws up the embed codes.

Here’s a good solution: the Anarchy Media Player plugin for WordPress lets you link to the pages containing the file you want to embed and takes care of the rest. Load the plug into your plugins folder, edit the config file with the location of your blog, then you’re done. You’ll not see a Flash embed icon on your post edit toolbar. Click that, enter the link to YouTube or other popular online video sites, and you’re done. Pretty slick.

Where the Hell is Matt?

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This is my first attempt to post to The Deets from YouTube.

This was the first videos that really took off on YouTube. To find out more about this, check out this presentation by Jawed Sharif’s here:

Jawed is a fellow graduate of St. Paul Central High School. Jawed created his own version of the video here: