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Seattle’s ROI on Yellow Pages Postcards #PrintSpam

@edkohler “Yellow Pages industry wins right to litter in Seattle. #PrintSpam” you mean like the 4 tons of postcards city sent out?? — Ken Clark (@KenYPTalk) October 16, 2012 Yesterday, the Yellow Pages industry won the latest round in a fight with Seattle over whether (or how) Seattle can regulate the print-spamming of their city. […]

Seattle’s Yellow Pages Opt-Out System is Working Well

Seattle is kicking Minneapolis’ butt when it comes to eliminating phone book spam with a side effect of saving a ton of money: Since the program began last May, more than 75,000 Seattle residents and businesses stopped their yellow-pages deliveries, removing 375 tons — more than 419,000 books — from the waste and recycle streams, […]

Yellow Pages Don’t Kill Trees, But Are a Wasteful Duplication of the Web

The Yellow Pages Association – who’s name became so tainted that the rebranded as the Local Search Association – is trying to convince us that phone books are green because they litter households with books made from recycled materials and wood chips rather than virgin forests: That seemed a little ridiculous to me, so I […]

Yellow Pages vs. Direct Mail Opt-Out Competence

It’s interesting to watch how yellow pages directory supporters justify their industry’s incompetence. Here is a recent example from the comments of one of my videos on YouTube. As a refresher, here’s the video, followed by the most recent comments: Here’s the start of the latest exchange: Just another whacko? fighting the good fight. Do […]

Yellowbook USA’s Use of Social Media for Customer Service

One common use of social media services by companies these days is to monitor their brands in search of complaints from customers. If done right, companies can engage engage those people and possibly turn a frustrated customer into a fan. And then their is Yellowbook USA’s strategy, which seems to be “insult the frustrated”. I […]

Yellowbook Employee rescommm74326 Closes YouTube Account

Yesterday, I wrote about an employee from the Yellowbook print yellow pages spam company that has been harassing me on YouTube. I pointed out that, in addition to being a jerk, he has literally peed on a competitor’s office and left blatantly racist comments on a competing yellow pages directory company’s YouTube videos. After doing […]

Yet Another Yellowbook USA Customer Service Fail

There are some really strange people on the internet. Among the strangest I’ve seen are employees of yellow pages directory spammer, Yellowbook. For example, I’ve recently been receiving harassing comments on a YouTube video I posted in July, 2009 titled “Yellowbook Yellow Pages Opt-Out FAIL” where I collected Yellowbooks that my neighbors hadn’t bothered to […]

The Carbon Cost of Yellow Pages vs Laptops

If you compare the carbon cost of print yellow pages spam to time spent using laptops for search, yellow pages appear to produce 9X more pollution than laptops. Here’s the lowdown: One of the stranger used by the Yellow Pages industry as a defense of their wasteful product is to claim that it’s less wasteful […]

Yellow Pages Search Traffic Continues Downward Spiral

Stephanie Hobbs recently boasted on the Yellow Pages Association’s blog,, about the fact that the term “yellow pages” is among the top-50 terms searched for on the web. Here is some more information about the popularity of the term “yellow pages” worth considering: According to Google Trends, the popularity of the term “yellow pages” […]

Dick Larkin’s Hillbilly Yellow Pages Logic

Dick Larkin of YP Commando has an interesting list of “hillbilly logic” in his newsletter where he presents yellow pages industry positions on a lot of hot topics in the news these days. He starts out by insulting politicians who’ve attempted to respond to concerns from constituents regarding over delivery of yellow pages directories, then […]

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