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Packer Country News

After reading about a purple sombrero wearing Vikings fan who can’t control his fists, I took a look at the Green Bay Press-Gazette’s homepage: That’s not a special Packers section of the paper. That’s the homepage. The Top Stories on the site include: – Packers mull options on offensive line 6:00 AM – Technical difficulties […]

Heidel House, Green Lake, WI TP

Katie Cannon traveled to Wisconsin to capture this intriguing TP shot at Heidel House. This place is serious about relaxation, and puts guests’ minds at ease with their TP presentations.

Wisconsin Fashion: Matching Couples

Wisconsin seems to lead the nation in matching couples fashion trend. Traditionally, this applies to choices in snowmobile branded winter wear such as Arctic Cat or Polaris. Couples dress in his and hers outfits. But now I’m seeing it apply to business clothes as well, such as the matching Re/Max real estate agents from Phillips, […]

Wisconsin Caught Disrespecting Beer is reporting via the Chicago Tribune (FIBs) that Wisconsin bar owners are disrespecting beer by failing to clean the lines to their taps on a regular basis: Industry standards call for the lines to be cleaned at least once every two weeks. While they won’t make you sick, dirty beer lines can spoil beer. […]

Paul Jahn’s Wisconsin Cheese Shop Tour

Welcome to Wisconsin, originally uploaded by localmn. Paul Jahn went down to Chicago for an inline marathon this weekend. Based on the photos from his Flickr account, it looks like the highlight of his trip was taking pictures of cheese shops along the way. It’s not clear whether Paul consumed a bag of cheese curds […]

Mystery Location

Mystery Location, originally uploaded by edkohler. Can anyone guess where this photo was taken? And no, this wasn’t our final destination.

Central Front in The War on Christmas: Eastern Wisconsin

A friend of mine from college thinks that George W. Bush’s Texas accent is real, that we’re winning in Iraq (yet he can’t define HOW we’re winning or what winning looks like), and that Democrats drink the blood of babies (more or less). He also happens to be a member of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders […]

Brie String Cheese

Mike over at Jackalope Ranch came up with the idea for Brie String Cheese back in ’03. At the time, one of his concerns was that someone would steal his brilliant idea once he released it into the public domain. With more than three years having passed and no sign of string brie on the […]

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