Volumetrics Diet Tips

This is the first time I’ve heard of The Volumetrics Diet:

“Fruits and vegetables are one of the keys to good health. Barbara Rolls invented the sensible Volumetrics diet, which encourages people to eat large quantities of low-energy-dense foods rather than small portions of energy-dense foods. This plan makes sense: You feel full, lose weight and end up eating a lot more fresh produce.”

It sounds like this is meant to be a pro-roughage kind of thing, which is certainly a good rule of thumb for healthy eating. But what about the following volume-increasing diet tips:

1. Whipped Cream

2. Ground Beef

3. Shredded Cheese

4. Blended Margaritas

5. Candy Foam

Bob Barr Quits the Republican Party

Former Georgia congressman, Bob Barr, has decided the time has come to leave the Republican Party and become a Libertarian. Apparently, the privacy and civil liberties violations by the current administration put Barr over the edge. Surprisingly, the “values” issues thrust on America by the same administration didn’t seem to bother Barr as much, which seems strange considering that he’s been known to lick whipped cream of the nipples of buxom babes and is a pro-life abortionist.

It sounds like the Libertarian Party is indeed the appropriate home for Barr. The man seems to have a very interesting private life, and he seems to have come to the conclusion that for he to have such a private life, everyone would need one.

I wonder what’s stopping him from jumping straight to the Democratic Party? Dems are also pro-whipped creamed boob licking by supporting privacy rights, and dems do more to prevent abortions through support for family planning, job creation, and education. And when it comes to civil liberties, Dems are generally the party of the ACLU, who defends the civil liberties of people ranging from Rush “hillbilly heroin” Limbaugh to John Lennon. You’re not going to find that kind of proactive civil libertarian action with the Libertarian Party.