Hannah’s in the NY Times

Congrats to Hannah (aka. Opheliac9) on making the NY Times talking about chillin’ at the CC Club:

From Many Tweets, One Loud Voice on the Internet – New York Times

Tweets are published on a “public timeline” on Twitter’s home page. As I write this column, “54626” in Scottsdale, Ariz., is wondering, “Does anyone else really dig the word ‘Mandible’? I kind of love it right now.” “Opheliac9” in Minneapolis posts, “Guess what? I’m at the CC. Come one, come all.” “Angelamaria” in the Philippines is simply “annoyed.”

That’s keepin’ it real. Being quoted from Twitter’s pretty cool since you’re guaranteed to not be misquoted. The context may be a bit sketchy, especially for those who have no idea what Twitter’s all about, but that’s just a good excuse to explain it and grow your network.

I, of course, found out about this from a Tweet.

The Deets Readers in Pioneer Press Twitter Article

Julio Ojeda-Zapata’s Twitter article on the front of today’s Daily Life section in the Pioneer Press includes tweets from Ben of Bencredible.com, Aric, and Erica. And Aaron’s mug showed up among Julio’s friends. Cool stuff.

Twitter’s a tough service to explain. Julio’s approach was very creative.

The web doesn’t do justice to the almost full-page layout of the story.

TotD – Cranberry Apple Zinger

Cranberry Apple Zinger

Today’s TotD is another fine product of the Celestial Seasonings brand.

When I was adding water – a relatively slow process where it’s dispensed from our coffee machine – it smelled like a fresh batch of apple cider. Once it had a chance to brew, it switched over to more of an Ocean-Spray chemical cranberry aroma. I can’t taste the chamomile, but that’s partly because I don’t know what chamomile tastes like. What what the heck is roasted chicory root?

The best party of today’s TotD, is the company. As you can see on my laptop screen, Aaron, Erin, Erica, Arik, and Chuck were visiting via Twitter while the tea steeped.

Least Dangerous Game Starts Saturday

I’m jumping on the Least Dangerous Game scene. Looks like Aaron and Erica beat me to it. I’m such a laggard.

I can’t say that I really know what this is about, but it sounds like it’s a medallion-hunt kinda thing except you’re looking for a person who’s popping out hints using Twitter.

Backing up, Twitter is a group text messaging service where you SMS a quick message into the number 40404, which is then broadcast to your fellow Twitter friends. For those familiar with Dodgeball, it’s basically the shout-out feature. You can also send message out to your friends using the Twitter site, AIM and other IM services, or via a bunch of other widgets people are creating for the service.

If you want to try Twitter out, go to Twitter.com or just send an SMS message to 40404 with the message JOIN. After you’re signed up, add me as a friend to get started.

If the Least Dangerous Game sounds like fun, add the game as a friend here. They’re shooting for 50 participants and have 20 signed up so far.

Dodgeball vs. Twitter Compared on TechCrunch

I’ve been giving Twitter.com a try for a few days and comparing it to Dodgeball.com. I have to say that Twitter is pretty sweet. TechCrunch explains some of the differences here, and throws in a plug for FaceBook later in the article:

SXSW Showdown: Dodgeball Vs. Twitter

With both services, users establish a friends list to whom messages are broadcast. Twitter allows you to update your status through IM, SMS or a web-based client. Dodgeball functions exclusively through SMS at this point. They each have a distinct use when it comes to coordinating with many people while away from home. Because they allow you to send one message that is then sent to all of the people on your list, you can easily inform a group of people of your whereabouts or whatever else you wish to say. You can also elect to receive updates from your friends through IM, SMS or through the website.

I’m break it down more later. Time for dinner.