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#Twitter #Behavior #That #I #Can’t #Support

People use Twitter in a wide variety of ways. Here are some ways that I don’t find interesting. No, that doesn’t make them right or wrong – in general – but they’re wrong to me. 1. Posting Foursquare check-ins to Twitter. Foursquare’s great. Twitter’s great. Tweeting Foursquare check-ins? Not great. At least, not if you […]

Using Twitter Ads for #VoteNO Engagement

@edkohler How much do those Twitter sponsored placements go for, anyway, if you don’t mind me asking? — Ben Miller (@panchomill) November 7, 2012 Ben’s asking about this tweet that I paid to promote on Twitter: Vote No Twice to protect Minnesota’s constitution from discrimination . . . twice. — Ed Kohler (@edkohler) October 29, […]

An Update on @t_junior39 / @i_heart_wilfare’s Tweets #wilfare

Two quick updates regarding Vikings Wilfare Queen Tom {Last Name Withheld} who works for {Company Name Withheld}: 1. I mentioned yesterday that the first tweet ever sent by @t_junior39 / @i_heart_wilfare was a link to Kimkbomb (the “Hottest source for fetish video clips! Femdom, Cuckolding, Chastity, Humiliation, MILF, Ass Worship, Domination, BDSM, Bondage, Foot Fetish, […]

The Curious Case of a Not So Anonymous Vikings Stadium #wilfare Supporter

Back during the Vikings stadium financing debate, a Vikings Wilfare fan in Minneapolis named Tom [Last Name Witheld at Tom’s Request] went way over the top with his behavior toward me. Subsidizing the NFL with other people’s money was very important to Tom. In fact, it still is based on what you’ll read below. I […]

Twitter Activity Tab

Twitter’s new activity tab is pretty interesting. It shows who your friends have recently followed, favorited, or retweeted. I’ve already used it to discover some interesting people that I find interesting have found interesting, thus shortening the time until I found them from an eventual retweet to the follow action. But, then I saw this: […]

Getting Banned from Twitter’s Search Results: @ResponsibleWI

Did you know that you could get your tweets banned from Twitter’s search results for being a vulgar jerk? Here’s the deal. I recently had an exchange on Twitter with a self-proclaimed fiscal conservative tea party sports fan from Milwaukee. The topic? Public welfare for sports stadiums. While this dude claims to be a fiscal […]

Are URL Shorteners Here to Stay?

Garrick Van Buren posted a recent post about URL shorteners where he suggests that “URL Shorteners Are So Last Year” where he runs through a variety of examples to make his case. To me, this generated enough yeah but responses that I decided to respond here. For those not familiar with URL shorteners, they are […]

Top-6 Minneapolis Social Media Campaigns You Haven’t Heard About

It seems like self-proclaimed social media marketing gurus in this town like to get together on a regular basis to discuss the same case studies over and over again. Yes, Punch is good at running time sensitive promotions on Twitter. But what else is happening? Here are five that seem to be flying under the […]

John Moe’s Candy Club on Twitter

John Moe’s Candy Club on Twitter cracks me up. In a nutshell, once a week, John and his fellow candy enthusiasts pick a candy to all try at the same time on Twitter, then tweet about their experiences with it. You can follow along on Twitter’s search engine by searching for the #candyclub hashtag. The […]

Kevin Smith Benefits on Twitter By Being Too Fat to Fly

According to 24 hour news shows, the most important thing they could cover this past Monday morning was ongoing coverage of Kevin Smith’s Twittering of his removal from a Southwest flight for being too fat to fly. Looking back on things now, did @ThatKevinSmith’s ranting about Southwest’s policies have a positive or negative impact on […]

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