Hippies Don’t Bus Tables

Alex, of the Twin Cities Breakfast Club says what needed to be said in the comments of the Trotter’s visit by said club:

The Twin Cities Breakfast Club Blog: Hippie food for breakfast?

Um. Yes. The bark and twigs. The lack of grease. The having to serve yourself and do your own clean-up. I do believe you have captured the essence of Trotters. Why go out to eat if you are just going to have granola, anyway? I have granola in my own cupboard, and I occassionally even have milk fresh enough to pour on top of it. And I have to bus my own table at home, too. I know the analogies section of the SAT is dead, but here’s one for you: Trotters is to going out to eat as going to work is to being on vacation. In fact, the only reason to go is to socialize with the other club members (and to gripe to them about the counter service), which is of course worth it in its own right.

Seriously, what is it with healthy breakfast spots and minimal service. Why does there appear to be a correlation between homemade granola and waiting in line? Between organic eggs and no table busing?

Healthy Breakfasts in the Twin Cities

Vita.mn has a great breakdown of healthy Twin Cities breakfast options via Peter Kastler of TwinCitiesBreakfast.com:

Breakfast special: Hold the grease! – vita.mn

But if you are looking for a healthier start to the morning, there are several options around the Twin Cities that will fill you up without toppling your nutritional pyramid. Here are a few that are worth a visit.

Trotters, Birchwood, Moose & Sadie’s, of course. I’d rank them Birchwood, Trotters

My only disappointment is that I’d already discovered almost every place on the list. I was hoping there were more gems out fitting into this category.

Which of the restaurants mentioned is your favorite place for a healthy breakfast?


Tortilla Lucia – Trotter’s – St. Paul, MN

Is debatable whether the Trotter’s Tortilla Lucia really deserves classification as a breakfast burrito considering that it isn’t wrapped like one. I’m willing to make an exception in this case because it has all of the typical ingredients one would find in a breakfast burrito and one would not be able to tell the difference if they consumed it blindfolded.

Here is how Trotter’s describes it:

Tortilla Lucia – A flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, refried black beans, tomatoes, green chilies and monterey jack cheese. Served with a side of Trotter’s own fresh salsa. $7.35

That pretty much sums it up. It’s as big as the plate, as you can tell from the photo. They don’t mess around with toast for a side like the New French Bakery. You come for the burrito and that’s what you get.

The salsa is mild with a fair amount of cilantro.

I think one of the things that make Mexican cuisine so good is the contrast. In the case of a burrito like this, it’s the contrast between the hot eggs and cold salsa. What’s missing is a contrast with the mild beans. A spicier salsa would take this to another level of goodness.

The positives:
– Large
– Black refried bean inside
– Overall, it’s delicious

– Salsa isn’t spicy enough