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Ayers Hotel, Redlands, CA TP

This just in from Sank: No, not a TP fold on the roll. This place focuses on their pre-roll. That’s how they roll, I guess. I respect this upstream behavior.

Hotel Belmont, San Francisco, CA TP

This just in from Mitch Vars: That’s a workable soft-fold. But, Mitch pointed out that the Hotel Belmont’s signature move for first impressions isn’t their TP but their towel art: Mitch reports that they mix up the animals by day. That a good way to keep things fresh and exciting.

Kahler Grand TP

This just in from Nathan, who’s at the Kahler Grand in Rochester, MN tonight: Nathan breaks it down on Twitter: @edkohler I expect a better fold from the Kahler Grand. The Kohler Grand wouldn’t disappoint… — Nathan Campeau (@NathanCampeau) November 14, 2012 Indeed.

Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan TP

John Hoff (aka Johnny Northside) has been spending some time across the pond in Afghanistan serving the US of A and taking TP pics. For example, here’s a shot of a toilet tank repair job at Bagram Airfield: And here’s the before shot from a wider angle: Apparently, Bagram Airfield is not the Four Seasons. […]

Belize TP

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a TP shot on this site. It’s not for a lack of TP photos, I can assure you. Major back log. In fact, I have a good breakdown of three Starwood properties I stayed at next to the Toronto airport within 4 days that deserves attention. But, for […]

Gooseberry Rest Area TP

Nick Cross captured this amazing shot at Gooseberry Falls earlier this month. Yet another benefit of the state shutdown being over.

Westin Edmonton TP

Westin Edmonton TP, originally uploaded by edkohler. This is not what I expect to see at a Westin property.

Marriott Chicago Medical District TP

Tom Elko sent this TP shot in from a recent trip to the Windy City. He described it as a “disappointment”, which is not what one would expect at a Marriott. Perhaps Marriott needs to go back to using TP stickers? I’m not sure that they need to shut down for an all-company meeting to […]

La Quinta Downtown Seattle TP

La Quinta Downtown Seattle TP, originally uploaded by edkohler. It’s good to have a backup after taking down some free coffee and waffles in the morning.

Chisholm Inn & Suites TP

Chisholm Inn & Suites TP, originally uploaded by edkohler. Hotels have to pick their battles. In this case, it looks like they are leaning toward providing bike racks and rentals to tourists interested in riding the Mesabi Trail past open pit mines over their TP presentation.

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