Danger: Iceland Cliff

IMG_0721, originally uploaded by m_e_mccarron.

The Other Mike has some great photos from his Iceland trip on his Flickr account. I’m a big fan of warning signs, and this one is particularly awesome. Check out action shot of someone heading for the rocks. You never see stuff like this in the US of A.

Twin Cities Coffee Review Site: Cafeapolis

Via, MNSpeak, Cafeapolis is a new blog written by a new Longfellow resident (via Madison) reviewing coffee shops in the Twin Cities.  The first review was of the Blue Moon Coffee Cafe:

“This coffee shop is truly a neighborhood living room. It is not the type of place that someone would drive across town to visit; it is filled with neighbors and regulars just wanting a relaxing place to talk or study or just enjoy a warm cup. Benches sit outside along the front window and, when the weather is warm, tables and chairs also occupy the sidewalk area on the east side of the building.”

Strangely, The Other Mike doesn’t appear in any of the photos from that review.