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Should Best Buy Address Showrooming or Reverse Showrooming?

This nugget from a recent MSP Business Journal story on Best Buy got me thinking: Best Buy does have a lot of room for transformation: The chain is pressured by same-store sales declines and online competitors, such as, that have capitalized on “showrooming,” consumers who check out goods in stores then buy online. But […]

Kensington Windshield Mount for iPhone and Android Evo Phones

I snapped this shot 48 minutes outside of Holland, Michigan last week. That’s my Sprint Evo Android phone being used as a GPS, being powered by a power inverter sitting on the floor, and plugged into the stereo’s auxiliary jack of my rental car. That’s how I roll on the road these days. The podcasts […]

Comcast DNS Hijacking – Domain Helper Service Still Not Helpful

Back in August, I wrote about how Comcast’s Domain Helper Service Makes Lives Crappier. As a refresher, if you’re a Comcast user and you type a web address incorrectly into your browser’s address bar, your browser will be hijacked by Comcast, send you to a different URL, and place a bunch of ads on the […]

iPhones Battery Backups, Blackberry, Android

I have found a cell phone battery backup device that rocks my world. The Imax Power IMP500 External Battery. On the left, below, is my current cell phone (and HTC Hero from Sprint, which I would not recommend. Wait, if you can, for better options), and on the right, the Imax Power: Here’s the deal: […]

Are URL Shorteners Here to Stay?

Garrick Van Buren posted a recent post about URL shorteners where he suggests that “URL Shorteners Are So Last Year” where he runs through a variety of examples to make his case. To me, this generated enough yeah but responses that I decided to respond here. For those not familiar with URL shorteners, they are […]

Feit Compact Fluorescent Recessed Lighting Light Bulbs

One type of compact fluorescent bulb that’s a bit harder than average to find are bulbs for recessed lighting. I have a hallway that uses 60W incandescents or 15W CF bulbs, but exposed regular CFs just weren’t going to cut it. This bulb from Feit does the trick: Like most CF bulbs, they take a […]

A Coffee Shop Printing Service

Maybe this exists everywhere already, but it’s new to me. A coffee shop in Toronto had a printer available for printing by WiFi users. The printer lists a URL where customers can upload their files. They’re sent from the website to the printer in the coffee shop for fulfillment. The quantity of prints and credit […]

2009 Technology Predictions Follow-Up

Here are ten technology predictions I made at the start of 2009 over on Technology Evangelist. Did I get any right? 1. Google Docs will add Mail Merge functionality. This highly requested feature will allow more people to rely primarily on Google Docs for their office software solution. For example, organizations could build mailing lists […]

Google’s New Android GPS Looks Phenomenal

When I heard that Google was turning GPS up a notch, I thought they’d mean they’d use Google Maps and their driving direction technology. But then I saw this dude search for a location based on something you’d find at that location. That’s a real game changer. That makes me think that searches for “navigate […] vs Google My Tracks

MapMyRun will tell you how far a running route is based on the points you use to plot it. For example, my run on Sunday looked like this when I clicked my way around the route that I ran: To mix things up, I ran Google My Tracks GPS program on my phone. I was […]

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