Tay Zonday: Good Samaritan

Way back on May 24th, Least Dangerous Game kicked off Season 2. For those of you not familiar with this, it’s a game on Twitter where Aric McKeown sends out clues about where he’s hiding around town on a Saturday afternoon. It’s like a 4-hour long medallion hunt where Aric is the medallion.

If you want to check it out, send the following text message from your cell phone to the number 40404:

follow ldg

That’s it. You’ll now receive clues from Aric when he’s hiding.

I happened to win the first game of the season by finding Aric at Prospect Park near the tower after figuring out his clue regarding the Frank Lloyd Wright house.

Now, about Mr. Tay Zonday. The 2nd place finisher – only minutes behind – was Graham Lampa. After talking to Graham and Aric for a bit, Aric suggested that we record a quick podcast about LDG.

During said podcast, Graham whipped out a Tay Zonday story (at 12:30) about Tay rescuing Graham after Graham blew out his knee in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood of Minneapolis. Give it a listen.

Tay Zonday on Current TV

The guys over at 612 Authentic shot an interview with Tay Zonday a few months back.

I´m posting this from a computer without speakers, so I can´t tell you whether this is worth watching or not. However, I know there are enough Tay Zonday fanatics out there who will watch this no matter what, so that´s all good.

Also, knowing Gabe from 612, I´m sure it´s pretty sweet:

My Favorite Tay Zonday Interview: Flak Radio

I think I’m a little obsessed with reading and listening to Tay Zonday interviews. Given that, I can say with full confidence that the best Tay Zonday interview to date was done by Jim & Taylor on Flak Radio.

It’s pretty easy to say why. They’re the only guys who’ve actually gotten into what Chocolate Rain is all about.

I think other people interviewing him have skipped that obvious question out of fear of turning what was booked as a light-hearted interview with a YouTube sensation into a discussion of race.

Not only that, but they got into what he’s studying at the U, and the inspiration for his music. That’s a great interview.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Tay Zonday is a singer/songwriter in Minneapolis who posts his work to YouTube. His song Chocolate Rain has been watched 6.8 MILLION times since April, which puts it at 88th all-time on YouTube and climbing. Here’s the video: