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How to Get Blocked by @normcoleman on Twitter

This might do the trick. When Norm boasts in the glory of corporate welfare that he helped provide the Minnesota Wild. A company that continually tries to have get out of their end of the contract by requesting their loans be forgiven while simultaneously asking for public money to build a practice facility for the […]

Following Up on Town & Country Club’s Sidewalk Tax Evasion Scheme

Were these trees saved? Back in 2010, the City of St Paul wanted to add a sidewalk along Marshall Ave on the north side of the street. You’d think that wouldn’t be a big deal, but when St Paul’s wealthiest residents were asked to contribute toward paying for the sidewalk (like everyone else in St […]

A Few Thursday Thoughts

Why do we see lists of best schools and worst schools rather than best teachers? Sure, there may be some correlation, but I have a hunch that students would generally do better if they had the best teacher in an underperforming school than the worst teacher in a high performance school. Does the environmental impact […]

St. Paul’s Union Depot: Keep it Local

According to consulting firm HR&A Advisors Inc., St. Paul should encourage local businesses to set up shop in St. Paul’s Union Depot. I like the way they think. People coming into St. Paul from the suburbs or other states via rail are not looking for an experience they can have at home. I also think […]

No Verizon Superpages in Minneapolis or St. Paul This Year

Have you noticed a drop in the number of print yellow pages directories you’ve had to deal with in Minneapolis or St. Paul this year? It turns out that you aren’t imagining things, and it isn’t just wishful thinking. There really are fewer yellow pages directories being distributed, thanks to Verizon Superpages: Will life go […]

Town & Country Club’s Greenwashing Welfare Queening

Chip Michel’s Misleading “Environmental Activism” – September 2, 2010 Back on August 4th, I called St. Paul’s Town & Country Club welfare queens because they threatened to sue the city because the city planned to build a sidewalk along their property on Marshall Avenue. As I understand it, every citizen of the City of St. […]

St. Paul’s Town & Country Club Welfare Queens

Most residents of the City of St. Paul pay a special assessment when sidewalks are added or renovated in front of their homes. But, one exception to this is the members of Town & Country Club, where they threaten to sue for being treated the same and everyone else. Instead, they managed to get the […]

Faces of Snipe 2b: 651-317-9699

The Freets made good on his promise to, “make sure they are compliant with the law by removing the sign on my way home today.” The sign is up. And now it’s gone. And stuffed into the back of a car. The Freets does clean work. It makes me wonder what other types of things […]

Faces of Snipe 2a: 651-317-9699 Continued

Looks like Colleen and Paula are still spamming the streets of St. Paul with their illegal real estate signs. This one was sent in by Matt Wells, who spotted it near Randolph and Albert. My guess is that people who live near The Nook don’t want real estate spammers posting signs for anonymous businesses in […]

Faces of Snipe 2: Colleen and Paula at 651-317-9699

My dad dropped off this sign at my house after he removed it from a boulevard in St. Paul. For future reference, I don’t need the signs. A photo is fine. This let to an interesting phone encounter. Before calling, I searched for the phone number online. What did I find? Nothing. There were no […]

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