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An Update on Snipe Sign Spammer 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355

I wrote back on September 26th about snipe sign spammer, 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355. At that time, I said: Out of all of the real estate agents you could work with to sell your home in Minneapolis, why would you choose to work with a real estate agent who litters in your neighborhood? Since then […]

Faces of Snipe: 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355

I’ve recently been busy reporting snipe spam signs in the Longfellow neighborhood for 612-208-SELL / 612-208-7355. This person has been littering Minneapolis’ neighborhoods with his predatory real estate spam for nearly three years, based on this post from Johnny Northside where the same phone number was being used on signs in November of 2009. (The […]

StarTribune’s Purple Bags of Spam

Aaron Dickinson seems to think that I’d have an opinion about the StarTribune’s print spam operation where they’ve littered purple (purple as in Bachman’s not Vikings) bags on properties throughout the metro. KARE 11 ran a story on this topic that criticized the advertising tactics of one of their sources of news: Star Tribune spokesperson […]

Faces of Snipe: Freddie Fowler with Symmetry Direct 651-633-0175

A few days ago, I called the phone number of an illegal snipe advertisement placed near Hiawatha and Hwy 62. Today, I got a call back after leaving a voicemail. The caller: Mr. Jim Freddie Fowler calling from the number 651-633-0175. I told him that I had called about the signs he has been spamming […]

Faces of Snipe: 612-787-7653 612-787-SOLD Jesse Olson AGAIN –

Guess who’s still littering the City of Minneapolis with illegal snipe advertising? Jesse Olson! You may remember real estate agent Jesse Olson from a May 2010 Faces of Snipe. In fact, Jesse Olson was the very first illegal advertiser highlighted in Faces of Snipe. Apparently, Jesse didn’t get the message. I talked to Jesse tonight, […]

Western Union’s Fraud Control 419 Scam Fail

A friend of mine recently had her Facebook account hacked. The hacker then started contacting her friends through Facebook Chat with a request to have money sent to her through Western Union. In a nutshell, the person made up a story that she was stuck in London with her family, had been mugged, and needed […]

Minneapolis Snipe Sign Round-Up

Here’s a little update on the Minneapolis snipe sign scene. As a reminder, snipe signs are the illegally placed ads we often see posted around town on light poles or planted on boulevards. 1. Aric at Hardest Working Lazy Guy has been having some fun with a local fitness sign spammer, Sgt. Peterson. Aric documents […]

Spammer: Associated Chiropractic Clinics & Medical Centers

Dr. Michael Dorfman of Associated Chiropractic Clinics & Medical Centers in Detroit, Allen Park, Southfield, and Waterford, MI appears to have hired the wrong SEO to do link building for his website, How else can one explain comments like this on 5 year old blog post on this site: What are the issues here? […]

MN Lottery Revenues Used to Spam MN Blogs From DC

Did you know that revenues from the Minnesota Lottery are being used to spam local bloggers? Here’s an example comment that was dropped on my post about 1st sentence: On topic. 2nd sentence: transition. 3rd sentence and beyond: an advertisement and a link to the MN Lottery’s website. Notice that the comment author is […]

New Form Of Spam Gives Women Orgasms

I’ve never encountered this form of blog comment spam before: The lower of the two comments comes from a real Amanda. The upper comment took Amanda’s comment, added two more sentences, changed Amanda’s commenter URL, then reposted the comment under Amanda’s name. That’s some sneaky stuff. The commenter and comment look familiar, which may cause […]

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