Was the Guantanamo Bay Stuff Over the Top in SICKO?

Slate has an interesting video from MediaCurves.com that tracks the real-time opinions of people watching the trailer to SICKO. The group is broken down into democrats, republicans and independents. While there are some differences in opinion, all three groups seemed to shy away from the Guantanamo Bay scenes from the movie:

MediaCurves has other videos like this on their site covering many issues. And it looks like you can sign up to be a panelist if you’re into that sort of thing.

Jeff Gives ‘Sicko’ and A-

Jeff seems to know something about reviewing movies. First, he gets paid to do it, so someone thinks he’s good enough at it to warrant compensation. But more importantly, I tend to agree with his reviews. With that in mind, he gave Sicko an A- review, and included a few actor performance reviews in his review at Beep Central:

‘Sicko’ an unsettling look at health care system

Michael Moore: Less is Moore. When people think of this man, an image of him thrusting a mic into the face of a CEO is typical. But he’s rarely seen until the end and it pays off in this film.
Grade: B+

George W. Bush: He’s barely in it, with the focus of this film rarely about Democrats and Republicans, but when the President does show up, it’s good for a laugh … typically at his expense.
Grade: A-

Have you seen it yet? I started watching it last night before I realized it was midnight and had a running date with Kyle at 7am.