Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

I’m not sure why the monkey on Anti Monkey Butt Powder is giving a thumbs up. He looks like he could have used some Anti Monkey Butt Powder and has the grimace of someone who forgot to liberally apply Anti Monkey Butt Powder to his monkey butt.

This is available at the now-open East Lake St Frattallone’s Ace Hardware near the checkout. A perfect impulse buy.

It turns out that Anti Monkey Butt Powder has a website at

Aaron points out that Frattallone’s dropped off t-shirts at Longfellow homes that are good for 10% discounts when worn into our new Ace Hardware. Would wearing that shirt into True Value be considered a wardrobe malfunction or a hardware shopping fashion faux pas?

New Crate & Barrel Update for Quinn

My brother-in-law Quinn likes to take yuppie shots at Carly and me. However, as of today, I think my new comeback will be, “at least we’re not like Elizabeth Dehn” who wrote the following for Minnesota Monthly:

I finally made it out to the new Crate & Barrel at the Galleria. It’s been open for almost two weeks, after all! Which, in style editor years, is, like, a lifetime. I guess I wasn’t in a hurry because a) I’m not-so-secretly annoyed and saddened that this meant a closing for the Nicollet Mall location (not to mention Southdale), which was at the very least, a visual asset for downtown and a nod Minneapolis as a shopping destination for the masses.

Admittedly, her job it to report on yuppie things for the MN Monthly yuppie crowd so that is to be expected. I hope Ms. Dehn can turn it off outside of work and relax with a Jucy Lucy and a Grain Belt Premium from time to time.

Ikea’s Furniture Naming System

It turns out that their is a method to the madness of naming furniture at IKEA.

Mystery solved: The IKEA naming system

IKEA products are identified by single word names. Most of the names are either Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian in origin. Although there are some notable exceptions, most product names are based on a special naming system developed by IKEA.

  • Upholstered furniture, coffee tables, rattan furniture, bookshelves, media storage, doorknobs: Swedish placenames (for example: Klippan)
  • Beds, wardrobes, hall furniture: Norwegian place names
  • Dining tables and chairs: Finnish place names

So don’t expect to find a Helsinki bed or an Oslo dining room table. Ain’t gonna happen.

Wikipedia has more examples. More info here.

Buying Eye Glasses Online for $40

Would you buy glasses online? That’s one thing I haven’t bought online yet, but I probably would if I wasn’t buying glasses because I lost or destroyed my previous pair.

Your glasses are going to be made by someone you probably haven’t met who may or may not work at the facility where you picked them out. If you can save money by ordering them online, why not?

Adventures in $40 eyeglasses

I used to wear the same glasses for 3-4 years between changes so I’m finding it incredibly liberating to pick from five different sets of glasses each morning. I have a couple fashionable pairs for going out, a couple understated ones for working and I can even take a chance with a wacky retro frame if I’m in the mood. All told, my glasses cost me from a low of $26 to a high of $84 per pair, mostly depending on the options I picked for lenses. If I had to come up with any criticisms, the only (very) minor issue I had was one pair’s lenses (with identical prescriptions on both sides) were cut slightly different, so that when the light hits them, you can see a bit more of border on one lens over the other (like I said, it’s minor). I purchased frames from four different companies mentioned on the GlassyEyes site and every pair showed up intact and the prescriptions all seemed identical.

Oh yeah, there is that little thing about trying them on before you buy. Hmmm.