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The Longfellow Neighborhood of Minneapolis Has Some Great Deals on Real Estate in the Hiawatha Neighborhood

I may be wrong about this, but it sure seems like some of the best deals on real estate in the Longfellow Community are popping up in the Hiawatha Neighborhood. For those of you not familiar with the Hiawatha Neighborhood, it’s the neighborhood just north of Minnehaha Falls. Here’s a map: Here’s an example of […]

Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far on the Housing Market?

I wrote the other day that it’s far easier to buy a home than many people realize. In that piece, I mentioned that the perception is that it takes as much as 20% down to buy a home. Here’s a perfect example of someone trying to sell the perception that it’s difficult to buy a […]

Myth: It Takes 20% Down to Buy a Home

One common frustration I hear from people who haven’t owned a home before is that it will be nearly impossible for them to save up enough money for a down payment. They’re often under the impression that they need 20% of the purchase price in order to qualify for a loan, which can be a […]

An Update on Snipe Sign Spammer 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355

I wrote back on September 26th about snipe sign spammer, 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355. At that time, I said: Out of all of the real estate agents you could work with to sell your home in Minneapolis, why would you choose to work with a real estate agent who litters in your neighborhood? Since then […]

Freedom Mortgage Complaints / Reviews / BBB

I screwed up. Out of curiosity, I filled out a form on what I thought was an informational mortgage website in order to see rates I may qualify for these days. But, instead of receiving rate info online (as promised), instead of having my privacy respected (as promised)1., I immediately received a barrage of phone […]

Faces of Snipe: 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355

I’ve recently been busy reporting snipe spam signs in the Longfellow neighborhood for 612-208-SELL / 612-208-7355. This person has been littering Minneapolis’ neighborhoods with his predatory real estate spam for nearly three years, based on this post from Johnny Northside where the same phone number was being used on signs in November of 2009. (The […]

Faces of Snipe: Paul St Andrew of

If you live in the Longfellow Community of Minneapolis, you may have seen some snipe litter advertising It popped up in August in our city parks. Seriously, the person behind this decided that it would be a good idea to advertise his personal business in the city’s parks. I’ve taken down at least half […]

Faces of Snipe: 612-787-7653 612-787-SOLD Jesse Olson AGAIN –

Guess who’s still littering the City of Minneapolis with illegal snipe advertising? Jesse Olson! You may remember real estate agent Jesse Olson from a May 2010 Faces of Snipe. In fact, Jesse Olson was the very first illegal advertiser highlighted in Faces of Snipe. Apparently, Jesse didn’t get the message. I talked to Jesse tonight, […]

Ashley Prasil Added to White Collar Crime Map

You know that mortgage fraud thing I posted about yesterday involving Sheri Delich? Ashley Prasil was involved in it too. As I understand it, it sounds like Ms. Prasil was involved in setting up straw buyers for units in the Cloud 9 Skyflats. So I added her to my white collar crime map. That’s my […]

Sheri Delich Added to White Collar Crime Map

I’ve been slacking on updating the White Collar Crime Map I launched last August. Today, I added Sheri Delich after she pled guilty to wire fraud and money laundering tied to the Cloud 9 Skyflats travesty in Minnetonka. That’s the third addition for Apple Valley, which was also home to Trevor Cook ($190 million in […]

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