Podcasts I Like

Many of the best podcasts I listen to these days are podcasts I discovered due to mentions on other blogs. So, in that spirit, here’s a list of what I’ve listening to these days.

The URLs below each podcast are the feed URLs for the show. I happen to use a program called CarCast on my Android phone to download and listen to new episodes of these shows as they become available, but there are many other options for podcast subscribing that may be a better fit based on where or how you plan to listen to them.

Freakonomics Radio
I found the book by the same title pretty interesting, the blog okay, and the podcast hit or miss. But, the beauty of listening to this as a podcast is that it’s easy to skip an episode if it’s not working for me.
Examples: Parking is Hell and 100 Ways to Fight Obesity

Strong Towns Podcast
I’ve really enjoyed the thinking on the Strong Towns podcast. Chuck Marohn’s perspectives on what’s wrong with our current public infrastructure planning and financing, and what to do about it are really excellent.
Examples: Public Participation and Amazon Prime.

Critical Transit
Jeremy Mendelson is touring the country by bike and transit and interviewing people in cities who contribute in some way to local public transit systems, from bike to bus and train. He recently passed through the Midwest with stops in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis.
Examples: Interview with Anthony and Mitch at NiceRide and The Vulture Space.

Ted Talks
Some Ted talks are really dependent on video, but most work just fine in audio format.
Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity and Nilofer Merchant: Got a meeting? Take a walk

WNYC’s Radio Lab
An awesome science podcast that tends to take a topic and see how far science has gone to find answers, with ties to real-world applications. Fascinating stuff.
Examples: Speed and 23 Weeks 6 Days

APM: The Story
Dick Gordon sits down with guests to let them tell their stories on topics that often tie to current events. Instead of a single quote in a news piece, you get 20-45 minutes on a single topic.
Examples: Cracks In The Building and A Pizza Purist

This American Life
Episodes vary from dysfunctional family humor to in-depth reporting.
Examples: Hit the Road and Harper High School Part 1 and Part 2.

NPR: Story of the Day Podcast
As the headline suggests, this podcast has a story NPR was particularly proud of that day.
Examples: Texas Contractors Say Playing By The Rules Doesn’t Pay and Justice In The Segregated South: A New Look At An Old Killing

NPR: Planet Money
They take a more in-depth look at economic issues, from the effects of the global financial crisis, to studying supply chains, like how cotton t-shirts are made.
Examples: Cotton Wars and Marijuana Arbitrage

NPR: Fresh Air Podcast
Terry Gross and guest hosts interview authors, producers, comedians, musicians, and other people who’ve done some form of substantial work. My interest tends to vary by guest, which makes for great podcast listening because it can skip the episodes that don’t work for me.
‘The Hell Of American Day Care’: Expensive And ‘Mediocre’ and Nearly Three Years After Dodd-Frank, Reforms Happen Slowly

Longform Podcast
Interviews with writers who crank out long form magazine pieces. How they get the stories and how they make a living doing it are common themes. But, the stories behind the stories that pop up in pieces are the really good stuff.
Examples: Ted Conover and Natasha Vargas-Cooper

Comedian Marc Maron’s interviews with other comedians. Varies by guest, but can be really good when it’s good. Marc often inserts an introspective monologue ahead of the interviews, which are best for people who like cats or want to hear the latest on Maron’s relationship challenges.
Examples: Rob Schneider and Alison Brie

The Moth Podcast
Humorous personal stories recorded live and without notes that tend to run between 5-20 minutes. There are some really great ones.
Examples: Elna Baker: To Russia with Love and George Lombardi: Mission to India

Streets.mn Podcast
Bill Lindeke interviews people around Minnesota who care about local transportation issues. Lately, he had a chance to interview a ton of candidates running for Minneapolis City Council seats.
Examples: Interview with Ward 9 Candidate, Tim Springer and with Ward 10 DFL Nominee, Lisa Bender

The Tom Barnard Podcast
Tom Barnard and his family sit down with notable locals to catch up for an hour or so.
Examples: Don Shelby and Fancy Ray.

Okay, what shows am I missing that I should check out?

Live Blogging Jason DeRusha’s WCCO 830 Radio Appearance

WCCO TV’s Jason DeRusha is sitting in for Don Shelby on his afternoon radio show today. I’m live blogging the 4-5pm segment.

History in the making. Has someone live blogged WCCO radio before? I don’t think so.

4:00 My stereo doesn’t get AM, so I had to grab my GE FM/AM Clock radio with TWO WAKE TIMES and dial in ‘CCO:

WCCO 830 with Jason DeRusha

4:01: National news: flu shots for kids, a murderer gets sentenced, Obama picks up a HRC superdelegate, William Buckley Dead “Before Buckley, there was nothing” according to William Kristol

4:02: 25 degrees. WCCO’s bumper sounds the same as it did when I was growing up.

4:03: Local news: Bodybuilder dies from pain drug overdose, RNC demonstration parade route planning (get your permits now), Rick Larkin wants people to stay safe – new emergency management director, Mankato is having a high risk drinking summit as a response to Amanda Jax’s drinking death, Robert Bly is new poet laureate (Minneapolis resident).

Ad: Surdyk’s Ad – Boy, business sure has changed since grandpa ran this place. Spring wine sale is going on.

4:07: DeRusha’s on! Don for a day. U of MN president Bruininks is JD’s guest. JD’s changing the lights to CF for “E” day.

4:08 Traffic: Heavy easybound 494 near E Bush Lake Road? Do you really need a helicopter to tell you that?

4:09 Little snow tomorrow morning according to Paul Douglas. 28F tomorrow. You’ll be shoveling up north. Wow, Douglas went 7 days out!

Ad: Parade of Homes ad.

Ad: Get your guide book at Holiday Station Stores.

Ad: Maplewood Toyota: “It’s a special time” Cash back, low lease rates on Camry’s. “Minnesota’s #1: Maplewood Toyota” #1 what?

Ad: Issues ad from “Congress in Motion” applauding the veto override transportation bill. They “Just want to say, ‘Thanks'”

Ad: CSX train ad explaining that trains are an efficient way to drive cars.

Ad: Cheesy Quickbooks ad with hair dresser theme.

4:15: DeRusha’s back. Talking about the environment on “E” Wednesday. Bruininks’ in the house.

4:16 Bruininks explains that the U of MN hits up the state for Capital investments this time of year. Also looking for biomedical sciences investments. “One of our great strengths” “Vibrant cluster” of biomedical businesses in MN. Leading research happens at the U. Economic & job growth investment.

4:18: DeRusha pulls MNSpeak thread for Ethanol issue about pulled research funding. Bruininks says the money isn’t gone and is working on keeping it at the U.

4:20 Bruininks: Recently met with DOE to discuss biofuels. Thinks it’s a big issue for MN and the U of MN.

Ad: Advantage car rental. They’ll rent to kids.

Ad: Visa business can help you with secure payment options.

Ad: Progress in Motion.

4:22 Traffic. Southbound 35W is slow. Surprised?

Ad: Centerpoint Energy ad for energy audits. Feel good stuff. Rebates on furnaces and water heaters.

Ad: Nextel / Sprint Ad. Lots of fast talking fine print.

Ad: Another ad for Visa Business. They’ll track your expenses and stuff.

4:25: and we’re back. Don health update. Don will be on TV, but not radio today. TCF Stadium talk: “Sustainable Operation?” Shooting for LEED Certification. Drains stormwater in eco-friendly ways. You want to be efficient in your use of energy. 1/2 the stadium will be used in winter month while the other 1/2 will be shut down for the winter.

4:27 JD: what about trash? Bruininks: Recycle to the maximum possible degree. We’ve saved $5 million in energy this year through energy choices. Burning oat hulls keeps the U warm.

Ad: FreeCreditReport.com jingle.

Ad: Verizon wireless ad about a phone for old people. Big buttons and screen. Good Housekeeping approved phone?

Ad: CarFax

Traffic: Accident on 494 N. Slow on 35E north out of downtown St. Paul. Surprised?


4:30 News: new: shooting in Arkansas shoot. Should the Illinois school replace the building where the shooting happened? Did Clemens lie to Congress?

Ad: Obscure issues ad about wireless bill in St Paul. Sounds like a fake grassroots organization.

Ad: ACE Hardware with Madden

Ad: Acura certified preowned vehicles.

4:34: And we’re back. Solar decathlon talk. U of MN will be part of the competition in 2009. Bruininks: build a solar operated home here and compete at Washington, DC Mall. 150 students will work on the project. Colleges of Design & Technology are taking the lead on this competition. Shelby’s daughter was involved in this but Shelby was ticked that the U wasn’t previously participating.

4:38 “we need to be designing the technologies of the future that reduce our energy footprint” We can change the way people se energy.

This conversation sounds very scripted.

Ad: Patio furniture from By the Yard

Ad: Big 10 Network on Dish Network. You have to have it to “See it all” Lots of fine print fast reading.

Ad: Tom Tom GPS. 494 accident cleared up but still slow.

North HWY 100 is slow. No duh.

Delays out of downtown st paul. During rush hour? Wow.

Paul Douglas: 13F overnight. That dang Alberta is sending us some cold weather. Clipper trivia. 30 MPH storms. Not much precip, but blowing snow. Gives an update on how much snow is on the ground in various parts of the state. Maybe an inch tomorrow. Nuisance snow. Princeton, MN to Balsam Lake, WI: maybe a couple inches. 28F for a high tomorrow. 15-25mph wind tomorrow. 35F “as we greet March” He only gave a 5-day this time. 16F windchill.

4:44 Douglas / DeRusha banter. Douglas is impressed with Derusha’s Good Question segments. DeRusha gets Douglas’ vote. DeRusha forwards weather questions to Douglas. Douglas asks about how to deal with the onslaught of emails “we all receive every day.”

4:45 Twitter question to DeRusha about wind power at the U of MN. (Has Shelby ever taken a question over Twitter?) The U is moving toward energy independence. Wind turbines is one of the ways this is being done. Trying to figure out how to make wind energy more scalable. (Bruininks and DeRusha know a thing or two about wind.)

4:49 JD: Light rail question about U. Bruininks: 1600 buses and 25,000 cars go through the U on Washington Ave now. Tunnel is very costly and appears to be dead. Cost benefit “just isn’t there.” Looking at an above grade option that takes traffic off the campus and moves it to University Ave and 4th St. Thinks U would be better served by routing near Dinkytown. That’s where the most density is. People are concerned about delays. U of MN is the heaviest user of metro transit. 20,000 users. Passes subsidized by the U. We must improve the transportation system for the $1 billion spent. Central corridor won’t work without the U of MN.

Ad: Advantage Car Rental. Molly the college student couldn’t rent a car until she found Advantage.

4:53 Super 8 continental breakfast.

Traffic: 169 accident in North metro. Accident on Cedar Ave near Old Shakopee Rd. Slow traffic from Midway in St. Paul to White Bear Ave on 94.

Ad: Ordway

Ad. Ron Shara for Pet Cremation Services

4:56 DeRusha Twitters answer to previous Twitter submitted question while people are supposed to be listening to ads.

Ad: ANOTHER ad for Advantage rental cars. A Denny Hecker owned company.

4:58 DeRusha tells us what’s coming up in the 5 O’Clock hour. Thanks people for calling in about Good Questions.

Ad: Car body repair service.

Ad: Home & Garden Show.

Ad: Sargento Cheese

And that’s a wrap.

Thoughts: I counted 29 ads during the hour. Wow, they really cram them in. Jason’s during the first house was pretty entertaining. I learned that Jason has sat on a cactus in front of a live audience, about his dog’s fondness for poopsickles, and about Miley Cyrus’ real name.

List: Top-5 Local Radio Call In Guests

These are the people who call in to local radio shows and make the shows more valuable. The telephone version of blog commenting.

1. Dan from Woodbury on Dan Barreiro’s KFAN show
2. Undertaker Fred on T.D. Mischke’s AM 1500 show
3. Carl Gerbschmidt on Barreiro
4. “Allan” on just about every political talk show in town
5. Walter “The Secretary of Insight” on Common Man’s KFAN show

Jon Gordon Covers TE – Imus Story for American Public Media

Jon Gordon found last week’s story and resulting controversy about Don Imus’ supposed replacement interesting from an Internet journalism standpoint and ran a story about it today.

If you’re a National Public Radio listener, you may have heard it earlier today. It turns out more of my friends are NPR listeners than I previously knew based on the SMS messages I received after it was broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio this morning.

Gordon includes comments from Robert Scoble, Steve Borsch, and myself in the story. It was a pleasure to finally meet (by phone) the man behind the voice I’ve heard on the radio for years.

Gordon raises some interesting points. Questions this raises for me are:

1. Are bloggers journalists in the traditional journalist sense?

2. Who decides what a blogger can write about?

3. How important is consistency? If your character isn’t consistent, should your writing be?

4. For bloggers who consider themselves journalists, what responsibilities do they have to vet the stories they’re publishing for their readers?

5. Could blogger’s reliance on mainstream media’s vetted news stories be one reason we haven’t seen something like this before?

Technology Evangelist Replaced by Charles McCord on Imus Show

So, I made up the
Evangelist temporarily replacing Imus thing. This was a subtle, but key line
to the story:

Wow, it feels like we’re running 11 days behind.

As in, 11 days behind on April Fool’s jokes.

Can you run an April Fool’s joke on days other than April 1st? The precedent was
set on March 31st, when
Arrington went early
. I, on the other hand, went late: way late.

Here’s the back story:

I was out rollerblading after work yesterday when I received a Tweet from Chuck
Olson, announcing that
had hired Don Imus
. While high on fresh air and exercise, I thought to
myself, “who’s going to replace Imus? Maybe we should.” So I whipped together
the post.

It looks like I beat CBS by around 3 hours on
announcement that Imus’ sidekick, Charles McCord, would be the temporary

I thought people would find the story entertaining, yet implausible. A tech
podcast stepping into a $15 million national radio show spot? Cool.

jumped on it
, and based on his post’s time stamp, somehow linked to the
story 3 minutes before it went live. I
the “release” to Twitter
and received some
responses of encouragement

LayZ bought it half-way in
. His analysis of the situation was perfect, but he wasn’t willing
to call

CBS needs to fill the time with
something. But NO WAY this carries an adequate audience for Imus’ time slot, or
makes up the $15MM in lost advertising and syndication revenue CBS will realize
by their over-reaction in firing Imus.

A few more observations
before getting back to our regularly scheduled programming:

1. Bloggers love ripping the mainstream media, but obviously admire it as well
based on the buzz created by a crossover story.

2. It’s encouraging to hear that Technology Evangelist’s content is at a level
where this could be considered plausible. We’ll try to live up to that going

3. A lot of people clearly get their news from blogs. CBS’ announcement that
they’re going with McCord hit around 3 hours after my post, but the comments
kept rolling in. Congrats to Dawn Scire for
it in the comments.

4. Augie De Bliek, Jr. just figured it out in the comments:

“Wow, it feels like we’re running 11 days behind.”

That would have been April Fool’s Day, folks. There’s your joke.

Technology Evangelist Podcast to Replace Imus on CBS

UPDATE: the official press release is now available.

This is supposed to be under embargo until Midnight EST, but heck, it involves us, so you’re hearing it here first.

Things are moving very fast at Technology Evangelist, and an amazing opportunity has been presented to us that we simply couldn’t pass up. We’re extraordinarily busy, so here is just a quick note for now with the news:

Starting Monday, the Technology Evangelist Podcast will replace Don Imus on CBS radio until a permanent replacement can be found.

Shows will be broadcast live from Minneapolis, and simulcast on affiliates now carrying Imus’ show. The MSNBC video simulcast remains dead for now.

We have a lot to do before Monday to get ready for the first show.

Wow, it feels like we’re running 11 days behind.