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Glen Taylor’s StarTribune: Crunching Minneapolis’ False Alarm Costs

Imagine how you’d feel if you figured out a way to save 26% of the time your employees spend dealing with worthless stuff only to read an article claiming that you’re being wasteful. Here’s an example of Glen Taylor’s StarTribune reporting on the Minneapolis Police Department’s handling of false alarm responses at businesses in the […]

Lyft and UberX Receiving Permission to Legally Discriminate

If you don’t own a smartphone in Minneapolis, keep an eye out for pink mustaches on cars. Those cars are driven by people who will soon be able to legally discriminate against you. No matter how much you want or need a ride, they won’t be allowed to pick you up: Despite a push for […]

LRT Speeds Vary by Station Pairs

Is the new Green Line slow? Well, that depends. Where did you start and where did you end? Bob Collins has a post up on Newscut about his decision to NOT take the Green Line from the 10th Street Station in St Paul (the 2nd stop on the line heading west) to a Twins game […]

Watch Lyft Redlining in Minneapolis

Considering the criticism that taxis received for not being willing to pick up individuals based on race or fares in this StarTribune article, it seems like a good time to point out that Lyft is redlining entire neighborhoods of Minneapolis. If a taxi is going to operate in Minneapolis, it’s expected to serve the entire […]

Loosening Minneapolis Taxi Regulations – Still Tougher than Uber Standards

Minneapolis has a list of proposed changes to current taxi regulations that may be long-overdue. But, considering what Uber and similar services are allowed to do, this particular provision seems rather strange: “Reducing the total cabs a company must possess, from 15 to five.” That provision also mentions that the 5+ cars must be a […]

2005 Iraq War Justifications Revisited

Nearly nine years ago, I wrote a post on this blog criticizing a letter to the editor I read that justified the 2.5 years we’d spent blowing up Iraq while losing 1,914 American soldiers’ lives (at the time). That post was about the continually evolving justifications for the war that didn’t need to be fought […]

Vikings Stadium Fans Still Haven’t Found Their Checkbooks #wilfare

A guy who thinks that it’s the state and city’s responsibility to heavily subsidize his entertainment – John G. Morgan, of Burnsville – wrote an op-ed for the StarTribune that the StarTribune published. Morgan writes a counterpoint to the anti-stadium (ah-hem, pro-Vikings fans finding their checkbooks) arguments he’s heard. Here’s a counterpoint to his counterpoints: […]

Janet Moore and Baird Helgeson Repeat Ridiculous Vikings Stadium Jobs Claims #wilfare

Note the sentence in parentheses at the end of the below paragraph from Janet Moore and Baird Helgeson’s StarTribune piece on Vikings stadium corporate welfare subsidies: Gov. Mark Dayton said in a statement that although the Supreme Court challenge “had no merit, I was extremely concerned that this lawsuit would delay the financing of the […]

A “Reasonable Liberal” on Publicly Financing the NFL #wilfare cc @LiberalPolitico

A Twitter user who goes by the name “Reasonable Liberal” broke down a justification for subsidizing the Wilf Family of Fraudsters in New Jersey rather than investing Minnesota tax payers money in Minnesotans. @edkohler I think you severely underestimate the impact of an NFL franchise. Like an orchestra, the value is not only in dollars […]

How to Write a Response Letter. Example: @Rep_SAnderson on #SundaySalesMN

I don’t think allowing Sunday liquor store sales in Minnesota is the biggest issue facing the state, but it’s never a bad time to kill off Minnesota’s ridiculous blue laws. So, when MN Beer Activists sent out an alert that they were making a push on allowing Sunday sale, I was willing spend a minute […]

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