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Janet Moore and Baird Helgeson Repeat Ridiculous Vikings Stadium Jobs Claims #wilfare

Note the sentence in parentheses at the end of the below paragraph from Janet Moore and Baird Helgeson’s StarTribune piece on Vikings stadium corporate welfare subsidies: Gov. Mark Dayton said in a statement that although the Supreme Court challenge “had no merit, I was extremely concerned that this lawsuit would delay the financing of the […]

A “Reasonable Liberal” on Publicly Financing the NFL #wilfare cc @LiberalPolitico

A Twitter user who goes by the name “Reasonable Liberal” broke down a justification for subsidizing the Wilf Family of Fraudsters in New Jersey rather than investing Minnesota tax payers money in Minnesotans. @edkohler I think you severely underestimate the impact of an NFL franchise. Like an orchestra, the value is not only in dollars […]

How to Write a Response Letter. Example: @Rep_SAnderson on #SundaySalesMN

I don’t think allowing Sunday liquor store sales in Minnesota is the biggest issue facing the state, but it’s never a bad time to kill off Minnesota’s ridiculous blue laws. So, when MN Beer Activists sent out an alert that they were making a push on allowing Sunday sale, I was willing spend a minute […]

It’s Hard to Take the Opinions of ExxonMobil Funded Professors Seriously #VMT

Who would argue that fuel efficient cars are getting a free ride? If you guessed “Michael E. Webber, a professor in the energy department of a university in Texas where ExxonMobil is the largest corporate donor” you’d be correct: Switching to a ton mile fee solves several problems at once: It raises the revenues we […]

What Should be Done if Gas Taxes Aren’t Raising Enough Revenue?

One thing that confuses me about transportation funding is the idea that raising gas taxes is politically impossible, but creating new forms of transportation taxes like a tax on every mile you drive would be feasible. To me, the raising gas taxes seems far more efficient since all of the systems are already in place […]

Who are taxpayers paying to store Vikings stadium construction dirt? #wilfare

Building a “People’s Stadium” to the NFL’s specs involves moving a lot of dirt. The upside of building a stadium where an NFL stadium already exists is that it’s easy to find empty lots to store that dirt on since NFL stadiums don’t spur development. Tim Nelson reported that the MSFA has found a temporary […]

A Friends & Family Health Care Fundraising Example #MNSure

I recently attended a fundraiser for an employee of a local restaurant who contracted brain cancer. His health care bills are clearly going to be astronomical. But, he has an incredible group of family, friends, and coworkers with the means to help who managed to raise over $13,000 to help him with his bills. That’s […]

Health Care, Health Insurance, and Political Jargon #MNSure

This exchange on Twitter got me thinking: When I use the term “health care” I use it to refer to what doctors do for patients. But, when Sen. Nienow used the term, he used it to describe access to health insurance for those who don’t have access through their parents, their places of employment, medicare, […]

The #MNGOP’s Vikings Stadium Financing Disaster Continues #wilfare

A MN GOP group called something like the MN Corporate Welfare Coalition* is going after Governor Dayton on the day of the groundbreaking on the new Vikings stadium with a blog post titled: “Mark Dayton Fumbles on the Vikings Stadium Deal“. Fumbles. Get it? It’s almost as if the MN Jobs Coalition has forgotten who […]

Vikings Stadium Tailgaters Sold Out By the Wilf Family of Fraudsters #wilfare

The MSFA (Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority) has an interesting video illustrating how the Metrodome, with it’s new roof and turf, will be destroyed to make way for a new parking lot, VIP suite bathrooms, and stadium restaurants to compete with existing downtown restaurants. Another thing the video shows is the loss of tailgating lots. The […]

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