Buying Organic vs. Local Food

I love the first sentence of this article from Terrapass: “We’ve all been there.” Huh? Who is the “we” to strains over organic vs. local foods in the grocery store?

Conservation tip: prioritize organic over local for a caprese salad | | TerraPass: Fight global warming, promote alternative energy

We’ve all been there. You missed the weekend farmer’s market and are standing at the supermarket salivating for a caprese salad trying to decide between locally-grown non-organic tomatoes and the organic tomatoes shipped from some far-off place. Which one do you grab?

Apparently, the energy used to transport food in bulk isn’t particularly high, so if carbon consumption is your #1 factor in picking groceries, this may be a big deal. However, there are other things that matter too, like freshness.

Eggs with Freckles Rock

Organic Egg

I think it’s generally a good sign when your eggs have freckles. Of course, as someone who has freckles, maybe I’m a bit biased. Is this like people who buy dogs that look like themselves?

I also have a thing for eggs that have hard shells. If I have to work a bit to crack an egg, I seems like I’m eating something that came from a healthy hen.

This egg came from Larry Shultz of Owatonna, MN and was purchased at Seward Co-op.