The Choking of Thomas Frankson

I grew up on a street in St. Paul called Frankson Avenue. It’s between the fairgrounds and the Como Zoo. I didn’t know who this Frankson the street was named after was until I did some Googling a while back, which revealed that he was a bison farmer and real estate developer, and politician who lived at the corner of Midway Parkway and Hamline (NW corner).

It turns out that he knew how to get under his fellow politician’s skin. For example, while a member of the MN House of Representatives in 1911, he really pissed off the Rep. from Thief River Falls. Frankson was chased around the MN house floor until he was eventually caught and choked:

Unprecedented and riotous scenes marked the filibuster in the House of Representatives when D.P. O’Neill of Thief River Falls made a fierce physical assault on Thomas Frankson, shaking the Representative by the throat and bending him back over the desk of C.E. Stone until other members interfered.

Does that sort of thing still happen in the MN house, or are we more civilized these days?

It’s amazing what you can find in the newly opened up NY Times archives.

Hannah’s in the NY Times

Congrats to Hannah (aka. Opheliac9) on making the NY Times talking about chillin’ at the CC Club:

From Many Tweets, One Loud Voice on the Internet – New York Times

Tweets are published on a “public timeline” on Twitter’s home page. As I write this column, “54626” in Scottsdale, Ariz., is wondering, “Does anyone else really dig the word ‘Mandible’? I kind of love it right now.” “Opheliac9” in Minneapolis posts, “Guess what? I’m at the CC. Come one, come all.” “Angelamaria” in the Philippines is simply “annoyed.”

That’s keepin’ it real. Being quoted from Twitter’s pretty cool since you’re guaranteed to not be misquoted. The context may be a bit sketchy, especially for those who have no idea what Twitter’s all about, but that’s just a good excuse to explain it and grow your network.

I, of course, found out about this from a Tweet.