What Sucks about Newspapers

This is the crap that makes newspapers painfully annoying to me. A headline on the homepage of StarTribune.com takes me to a PR piece about the supposed rise in the use of paver stones in residential landscaping. Check out the following paragraph. Who talks like this?

A step beyond concrete

Hanson is among the growing number of homeowners who are rejecting cold, concrete slabs for warmer, more sophisticated alternatives to outfit the outdoor rooms they use for entertaining and relaxing. Natural stone and concrete pavers are not only being used for patios, they’re shaping walkways. And pavers are even covering that gigantic welcome mat — the driveway.

Why shoulld I have to wade through crap like this to find actual news? Actually, I don’t have to, which is why I rarely turn to the homepage of the Star Tribune for news.

Pink- Dear Mr President – Live

Find a few minutes to watch Pink perform her song Dear Mr. President live:

Pink- Dear Mr President – Live

Be prepared for something a bit more powerful than Britney Spears’ blind support for President Bush:

“I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that.”

Who has more credibility? Someone who’d marry Kevin Federline and carry her child on her lap while driving, or Pink?