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Five 5-Star Movies #5

Below are five more movies that I’ve given a 5-star rating to on Netflix.

Watch at your own risk.

  1. The Trials of Henry Kissinger – A damning look at how any people Henry Kissinger played a roll in killing due to his policy guidance.
  2. Purple Rain – The man. The music. The local angle. Apollonia.
  3. Fall from Grace – You know those crazy idiots who protest at the funerals of dead gay people and military funerals? This is a documentary that explains that it’s really just one family lead by the hateful Fred Phelps.
  4. Man on Wire – An inspirational documentary about a guy who did something incredibly ballsy (but not entirely idiotic).
  5. Bigger, Stronger, Faster – A documentary looking at a group of guys who are addicted to abusing steroids.

Five 5-Star Movies #4

Below are five more movies that I’ve given 5 star ratings on Netflix.

  1. Dexter Seasons 1 & 2 – A dark comedy. I dig it.
  2. Deliver Us From Evil – A documentary looking at the trail of pain a Catholic priest pedophile left in his wake, with the help of leadership in the Catholic church who allowed this priest to abuse his power over and over again. This is a damning look at how the Catholic church defends people in power at the expense of laity.
  3. The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour – A stand-up comedy performance by four Middle Eastern comedians. Hilarious stuff about dealing with TSA in a post-9/11 era. Hearing Middle Eastern guys pick apart the differences in cultures gave me a glimpse into the differences in that part of the world.
  4. Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat – A well documented look at how government policies are contributing to making America fat by subsidizing crappy calorie dense foods.
  5. Inside Deep Throat – A documentary looking into the making of the famous porno, Deep Throat. It turns out that porn has a dark side. Whoda thunk?

Five 5-Star Movies #3

Here are five more movies that I’ve rated 5-Stars on Netflix:

  1. Run for Your Life – The history of the founding of the New York City Marathon and the charismatic founder, Fred Lebow. It’s truly amazing to think about how difficult it must have been to start such a major event in a city of that size at that time.
  2. No Impact Man – A family attempts to become greener and greener over a year to the point of generating no trash. While that project is a bit extreme, anyone could come away with ideas on how they could live more efficient lives.
  3. The Garden – A documentary following the evolution of an inner city public garden in South Central Los Angeles, and the battle to keep it running.
  4. EcoTrip: Season 1, Cotton T-Shirt Episode – The concept of an organic t-shirt didn’t make a lot of sense to me before I watched this. I’m not eating it, so what’s the big deal? It turns out that cotton is among the most chemically treated crops in the world, so the crop shortens the lives of farmers and poisons our waters.
  5. Frontline: The Warning – A look back at the people who were instrumental in creating the environment for the economic crash we experienced in the 2000’s, and what they did to try to get us out of it. Many of the same people (and companies like Goldman Sachs) are still running things today.

Five 5-Star Movies #2

Below are five more movies that I’ve rated 5-stars on Netflix.

  1. Louis C. K.: Chewed Up – Louis C. K. does not disappoint.
  2. Frontline: Poisoned Water – This is an excellent look at just how complex water quality regulation can be. Chesapeake Bay is one of the focuses of this, where pollution from many states are contributing to the destruction of the bay, but none want to take responsibility for their contribution to the damage. And Tyson chicken crap corporation isn’t helping one bit.
  3. Beer Wars – A solid look at the complexities of beer distribution in the United States. In a nutshell, macro breweries give money to John Boehner, who makes sure that you’ll rarely see interesting beers in bars and liquor stores.
  4. The Vice Guide to Travel – This is the craziest and most interesting travel show I’ve ever watched. For example, they travel to the Pakistan / Afghanistan border to buy a machine gun. Visit North Korea, Bulgaria, Chernobyl, and Liberia. If you’re looking for some WAY off the beaten path places to visit, check this out.
  5. Sick Around the World – This host of this Frontline documentary visits the U.K., Japan, Switzerland, Germany and Taiwan to compare and contrast the healthcare programs of each country. This should be watched by anyone who wants to have an informed opinion on healthcare policies in the United States.

Five 5-Star Movies

Below are five movies I gave 5 stars to on Netflix listed in no particular order. Watch at your own risk.

All of the movies below are available via streaming and discs on Netflix. Some may be hard to find in your local Blockbuster.

  1. The Cove – A documentary about a group that decides to shine some light on Japan’s harvesting of 23,000 dolphins a year for meat. Crazy fact: Dolphins, being high in the food chain, have a ton of mercury in their flesh. Japan planned to feed this meat in school lunches. Good idea? Not so much.
  2. Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations Collection 2, Quebec Episode – Learning about foie gras and watching Bourdain visit an Inuit family to hunt and eat a raw seal was pretty amazing.
  3. 30 Days, Season 3, Working in a Coal Mine Episode – I’m not the biggest greenie in the world. Being more energy efficient is generally an economic decision for me. However, this show reinforced to me that I’ve made the right decision by switching to wind power from Xcel Energy. I’m not interested in contributing to the slow painful deaths of my fellow Americans when I flip on my light switches.
  4. Casino Jack and the United States of Money – I knew that Jack Abramoff was a criminal, but I didn’t understand the extent of his corruption before this film. He screwed over many powerless people for profit, including Native American tribes and indentures servants in the Northern Mariana Islands. Minnesota angle: Target Corporation was among the companies that benefited from the sweatshop environment Jack Abramoff helped foster in the South Pacific.

    ILO violation 87 98 : “shadow contracts” waiving basic human rights, including the freedom to join unions, attend religious services, quit or marry, blocked exits, movements strictly supervised by guards, workers subject to lockdowns or curfews.
    ILO violation 1 : up to 12-hour days, seven days a week.

  5. All in This Tea – Documentary following tea importer, David Lee Hoffman, on his trips around China in search of the best tea in the world. Hoffman runs into a ton of issues in a country that’s great at mass produced cheap stuff, but hasn’t figured out how to sell artisan, handcrafted products yet.

Movies in My Wheelhouse

I’ve watched a few movies lately that are perfect fits for my personality. I’ll list them below. If you know of other similar movies I should check out, hook me up.

1. King of Kong: The story of a guy who attempts to set the world record at Donkey Kong. It gets into arcade game culture, the rivalries, the politics, the work, and the strategy involved in being the best.

2. Man on Wire: This documentary tells the story of the world’s most daring guerrilla tightrope walker. It gets into why he does what he does, what’s involved in pulling off the stunts, and the motivations of the people who help him pull it all together.

3. Surfwise: This is documentary about a doctor who travels North America in an RV with his family of 9 children in search of the perfect life and great waves. He’s countercultural to the extreme, with many faults, but someone who’s figured out what he likes and goes for it.

Have any recs?

BTW, the above flicks are all available through Netflix.

Time to Vote in The Scorecard Review Movie Awards

My friend Jeff runs one of the best movie review sites in the country, The Scorecard Review. Every year for 7 years now, he’s run his own annual movie rewards where he polls people on how that year’s films stacked up against his own set of criteria (examples: Best Ending, Most Disappointing, Best Action/Superhero/Villain, Saddest [I had to go with Milk for this one]).

Jeff started his reviews because he was sick of predicting Oscars winners only to be annoyed with the results.

You can share your thoughts of what you saw by voting in the Scorecard Movie Awards. If you saw one movie in the past year or everything that was released, you can participate. Throw down an opinion where you have one.

Slumdog Millionaire fared well in my voting.

How You Can Help Save the Roseville 4

As you may have read, the Roseville 4 movie theater on Larpenteur Ave is potentially closing down. Rainbow plans to expand into that space.

Save the Roseville 4This has gotten a lot of people worked up on Facebook, where there is a “don’t close the roseville 4!!!” group with 500+ members and a petition you can sign at iPetition.

The petition will be presented to the Roseville City Council on Monday, March 17th, so get your name on the list if you want to keep 2nd run movies on the big screen.

Thanks to Angela for passing along the tip.

Turistas Movie Review

I watched Turistas on DVD the other day, and here is my review:

I would not recommend Turistas to anyone who doesn’t like movies that have:

– violence, including fingers being cut of by machetes and organ harvesting
– drug use
– nudity
Turistas– adult language
– adult themes
– bus accidents
– claustrophobic scenes
– drowning situations
– prostitution
– beautiful beaches
– cool waterfalls
– hot chicks

For everyone else, it’s a pretty good waste of 90 minutes.

It’s also probably not a good choice if you’re planning a trip to Brazil anytime soon.