MNBeer’s Minnesota Beer Challenge

The guy behind has been challenged to drink only Minnesota beers for the rest of 2007. Can this be done? Is it a good idea? What are the risks?

Putting My Money Where My Beer Is/Goes

I’ve been challenged to consume only Minnesota beers for the rest of the year.

As an advocate for beer in Minnesota, this doesn’t seem like a terrible idea, once one gets past the notion that I like a lot of beers from around the US and abroad. Could I do it?

It sounds like a great idea to me. I currently have only Minnesota beers in the house – Summit Extra Pale Ale & Grain Belt Premium – and could live on just those two if I had to. Giving up Leinie’s could be tough. For me, the toughest part would be finding sources of Minnesota beers when traveling. For example, would I be able to find a Summit in Croatia?

Top-7 Minneapolis Restaurant Blogs

If you’re looking or ideas on Minneapolis restaurants to check out, here are seven blogs that may offer some good tips for ya:

  • Chef Andrew Zimmern – generally focuses on top restaurants, chefs, and Minneapolis restaurant politics. Great place to find places when someone else is paying.
  • – If beer is the main course, or something that has to be considered in your dining choice, look no further than MNBeer, who offers up to date news on what beers have been released to the public at local brew pubs.
  • The Bloated Belly – TBB covers a large variety of local restaurants. Or, as TBB puts it, offers, “Comments on Consumption”
  • Aaron Landry – Aaron photo blogs visits to local restaurants using his Hiptop at If you want to see arm wrestling at the Town Talk or the view from the Clicquot Club, Aaron’s your guy.
  • Girl Friday – Girl Friday covers local watering holes and a whole lot more. Check out the drinking category for her latest takes on . . . um . . . drinking.
  • – The most extensive published research on Jucy Lucy’s to date. Definitely worth a visit before heading out for your next Lucy.
  • Gin & Phonics – A little lean on the restaurant scene to date, but I had to include them solely on their coverage of Jucy Lucy’s at the NE Palace. I hope that post is the sign of more great research to come.

And while not a blog, it’s worth mentioning Thrifty Hipster, where you can find happy hour deals for any hour of the day.

What am I missing?