MNBeer’s Minnesota Beer Challenge

The guy behind has been challenged to drink only Minnesota beers for the rest of 2007. Can this be done? Is it a good idea? What are the risks?

Putting My Money Where My Beer Is/Goes

I’ve been challenged to consume only Minnesota beers for the rest of the year.

As an advocate for beer in Minnesota, this doesn’t seem like a terrible idea, once one gets past the notion that I like a lot of beers from around the US and abroad. Could I do it?

It sounds like a great idea to me. I currently have only Minnesota beers in the house – Summit Extra Pale Ale & Grain Belt Premium – and could live on just those two if I had to. Giving up Leinie’s could be tough. For me, the toughest part would be finding sources of Minnesota beers when traveling. For example, would I be able to find a Summit in Croatia?

Worst Politicians in Minnesota

Minnesota Network for Progressive Action put together the list:
Minnesota’s Top 10: Worst Political Persons in the State!!!!

We have an All-Star line-up this year….and feel free to nominate your own. Politics in Minnesota can really be a strange brew and the players listed below have stirred up the pot…considerably.

If I added one to the list, it would be convicted Minneapolis city councilperson Dean Zimmerman. I think Dean is a great guy who got caught up in some bad stuff, and is now going to serve some time because of it. The problem I have is his with his early denials, which essentially mislead his supporters about the truth of the issue.