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Some Minneapolis Snow Emergency Car Towing Stats

Eric Roper has an article in the StarTribune that looks at which areas of the town see the most cars towed during snow emergencies. And, more interestingly, which areas see the least tows. It seems to correlate quite well with distance from the impound lots. The data behind the map included some other variables that […]

11 Nuggets on Minneapolis Car2Go / @car2goMPLS?

I’ve been using Car2Go for a few months now, but haven’t written about it yet, so I guess now is as good a time as any. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Car2Go is a car rental service that distributes cars throughout a city, let’s you check a car out using a […]

Did Minneapolis’ Kids Lose Out to Vikings Stadium Subsidies? #wilfare

Curtis Gilbert at MPR reported on Governor Dayton’s choice to go against the recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, by NOT funding top priorities in the 2012 Capital Projects Grant program and instead kicking $2 million toward Southwest LRT. Gilbert explained that Minneapolis public schools were on the list to receive […]

A “Reasonable Liberal” on Publicly Financing the NFL #wilfare cc @LiberalPolitico

A Twitter user who goes by the name “Reasonable Liberal” broke down a justification for subsidizing the Wilf Family of Fraudsters in New Jersey rather than investing Minnesota tax payers money in Minnesotans. @edkohler I think you severely underestimate the impact of an NFL franchise. Like an orchestra, the value is not only in dollars […]

Who are taxpayers paying to store Vikings stadium construction dirt? #wilfare

Building a “People’s Stadium” to the NFL’s specs involves moving a lot of dirt. The upside of building a stadium where an NFL stadium already exists is that it’s easy to find empty lots to store that dirt on since NFL stadiums don’t spur development. Tim Nelson reported that the MSFA has found a temporary […]

Vikings Stadium Tailgaters Sold Out By the Wilf Family of Fraudsters #wilfare

The MSFA (Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority) has an interesting video illustrating how the Metrodome, with it’s new roof and turf, will be destroyed to make way for a new parking lot, VIP suite bathrooms, and stadium restaurants to compete with existing downtown restaurants. Another thing the video shows is the loss of tailgating lots. The […]

Bullet Ballots for Mark Andrew by City Ward #mplsmayor

David Brauer was wondering whether the 6th Ward was an outlier for bullet ballot voting for Mark Andrew. Bullet ballot voting being voting for a 1st choice while leaving the 2rd and 3rd choices blank. Here’s his question: @curtisgilbert @betsyhodges @MarkForMpls @MPRsLauraMc I’d be really curious what percent of Mark’s bullet ballots came from the […]

It’s Kind of Scary Looking at Who Supports Cam Winton for Mayor #mplsmayor

I think endorsements matter. So, let’s look at who’s endorsing Cam Winton for Minneapolis mayor on Twitter: This town should vote for @cam_winton tomorrow. #MplsMayor — Isaac Schultz (@ImSchultz) November 4, 2013 Isaac’s twitter bio: Republican serving to turn Minnesota Red | Campaign Coordinator for @StewartMillsMN | Former @PeteHegseth for Sen & @MNSRC intern […]

Mark Andrew is Already Justifying Corporate Welfare as Smart Investments #mplsmayor

I think you can learn a lot about where a candidate really stands by seeing what they’ve promised to specific constituencies. For example, what types of taxpayer subsidized projects did Mark Andrew tell the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation that he’d support as mayor? Here’s a rare example of finding out ahead of time what our […]

Anti-Environment, Pro-Corporate Welfare Union Support for Mark Andrew #mplsmayor

Here’s an exchange on Twitter from last night that I think helps illustrate that not all unions supporting Minneapolis mayoral candidates are equal. For example, I’m a pretty big fan of SEIU, who fights for things like increasing the minimum wages to help service workers inch toward financial indepence. SEIU supports Betsy Hodges for Minneapolis […]

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